Giant Tarantula Captured On Brazilian Passenger Flight

Is this worse than snakes on a plane?

Giant Tarantula Captured On Brazilian Passenger Flight

Image Credit: Getty Images

From first-class passengers yelling at flight staff because their Macadamia nuts were served in a packet rather than on a plate, to economy passengers doing ‘in seat’ yoga mid-flight, there are enough bizarre stories that have occurred at 40,000ft to fill a Homerian Odyssey.

But it’s not just passenger interactions that can sound like a jungle – in some rare cases the cabin literally turns into a wilderness when animals decide to hitch a ride to another country.

Case in point: the below video, taken on a flight that appears to either be going to Brazil or Mexico, that’s since gone viral on social media. The poster wrote: “So this just happened on my flight…”

WATCH a man escort a tarantula away from airline passengers in the video below

“There was a tarantula on the plane. This guy captured it while we were flying,” he succinctly explains.

The video was posted to Instagram by @directorbrazil. It was then reposted to Instagram by the popular account Passenger Shaming. Comments are still rolling in on the post, with travellers continuing to share how badly the video made them wince.

The video shows a man escorting a huge spider away from passengers in some kind of see-through bag, while flyers look on with fear in their eyes and smartphones in their hands. The video featured a text overlay that read: “Nope,” which sums up most peoples’ reactions to the clip.

Comments included: “Spiders on Planes!” as well as “WTF?????” and “it’s his emotional support spider.”

WTF was a common theme. Another Instagram user wrote: “Wtf no way” while others chimed in with such remarks as “that guy is a champ!” and, “Oh heck no.”

Another user wrote: “Super glad when I did the previous longest flight (Dallas to Sydney) we didn’t have any special stowaways!”

Other people talked about the potential for it to happen again (“coming to a plan[e] near you!”) and the other things on the flight that were potentially more worrying (“it’s scarier to see so many wrong-worn masks…”).

Another great comment was: “Don’t sleep on planes with your mouth opened.”

Amen to that.