WTF Is Teeth Bonding? It’s The Cheapest Way To Fix Your Smile

Affordable? Yes. Life-changing? Also yes.

WTF Is Teeth Bonding? It’s The Cheapest Way To Fix Your Smile

There’s nothing worse than an average set of teeth. Just ask any American; every yank I’ve ever met has incredible teeth. Every Brit… not so much. This is my story of getting teeth bonding for not much cost at all.

If the idea of growing a new set of teeth in a lab is too far in the future or getting a titanium grill like Kanye West is just too wild then veneers or some good old-fashioned in-chair teeth whitening will be the path of least resistance.

When you think of veneers you probably think of someone with a very white, very big set of teeth. Not only is this true, but traditional veneers are bl**dy expensive too. Enter teeth bonding. I had never heard of them before until my friend came over one day with a fresh-looking set of choppers. My interest was piqued…

‘How much did they cost?’ I rudely asked her. To my surprise, “not much”, came the answer. Even better, her dentist had done them whilst she was watching Netflix in the chair. At this point, I marched over to my dentist — Dr William Choi at Boutique Dental Bondi — and asked him for the 411 on bonding.

Full disclosure: my teeth weren’t in bad shape, but could have been better after 40 years of wear and tear (including a few raves). They were straight enough, but deep down I knew they could have done with a bit of a tidy-up. That said, I’d never really given any thought to cosmetic dentistry until I heard about this treatment.

What Are The Differences Between Porcelain Veneers, Composite Veneers And Teeth Bonding

Porcelain and composite veneers are both good options for improving how your teeth look, but they have some differences. Porcelain veneers are made from ceramic that looks like natural tooth enamel and resists stains. They usually last 10-15 years if cared for properly and require two dentist visits: one to prep your teeth and take impressions, and another to bond the veneers.

On the other hand, composite veneers are made from resin, similar to tooth-coloured fillings. They typically last for around 5-7 years and can be completed in one visit. They can look natural but might not be quite as translucent and come with a risk of staining.

Composite veneers are cheaper and need less enamel removal, so more of your natural tooth is saved. Plus, they’re much easier to fix if they get damaged; porcelain veneers usually need replacing if they chip or crack.

Teeth bonding is a cheaper option again and it simply adds more to the teeth to repair imperfections. It’s the same as a filling and is painless. Most of the time reduction of tooth structure is not necessary.

It was important not to end up looking like English comic Dick Emery. Image: Mubi

Below is a photo of my teeth before having teeth bonding. As you can see they’re okay, but not amazing. The front four teeth are tired and in need of a spruce. It’s important to note that it wasn’t the entire set that needed TLC; if your teeth are all bad, you may require a different solution.

Dr Choi explained the process is simple and requires no needles or gas. You can even have a nap in the chair if you like. Within 90 minutes he was done, and we booked in one more visit the week after to fine-tune my new teeth.

Immediately after the treatment, I noticed some weirdness in the feeling of my bite, but that was gone within a day. Overall, the results were immediate and impressive: people commented on how white and fresh my teeth looked without looking like Donny Osmond.

Before And After My Teeth Bonding

As you can see with the before and after photos, the front four teeth at the top have been built out to reduce spacing and build where gums have receded. Photo: DMARGE

How Much Does Teeth Bonding Cost?

Here’s the best bit: they cost the same as a normal filling. In my case, it was around AUD 1400 for the front four teeth (at the top).

If you have private health insurance with dental coverage, some dentists (not all) will let you claim the teeth bonding as a filling. This will cost you around $300 AUD per tooth, so it’s worth asking before you jump in the chair.

If you’re considering getting Invisalign then I would do that before getting bonding done; it will mean you’re only having to sit in the chair once.

My only warning would be this: they’re not indestructible, so be careful biting down on cutlery (which I have already done once… thankfully it’s an easy repair). You’ll also need to whiten your teeth beforehand to ensure they’re at their original shade. We recommend the Philips at-home whitening kits.

If you’re in Bondi or Sydney speak to my dentist William who’s been looking after me for 10 years. Good bloke. Tell him DMARGE sent you.