Rapper Tekashi69 Celebrates Jail Release With Incredible Richard Mille Flex

Taking time telling to a new level.

Rapper Tekashi69 Celebrates Jail Release With Incredible Richard Mille Flex

Tekashi 6ix9ine, the controversial and outspoken, yet highly successful American rapper, has taken the Internet by storm just this weekend with an Instagram Live video that shattered records.

However despite the video – in which the colour-braided, face-tattooed rapper debuted a new song, alongside a few shoutouts to rivals – breaking the record for the highest viewership of an IG Live video with 2 million people, we here at DMARGE were more focused on the watch, or rather watches, on his wrists.

It’s overly common for rappers to display their wealth through jewellery, watches and cars, but Tekashi took things a step further by wearing no less than four Richard Mille timepieces, two on each wrist. Complementing his coloured braids, the rapper wore models with red, yellow and green straps, alongside a diamond-encrusted model.

HipHopWired reports the outspoken rapper splurged on the new timepieces, along with an assortment of cars and jewellery to celebrate his release. Each to their own, we suppose.

It’s a little tricky to work out the exact models he’s wearing as he’s moving around a bit too much. But we’re pretty sure he’s wearing the following:

  • RM11-01 Robert Mancini
  • RM010 on Red Strap
  • RM010 Titanium on Yellow Strap
  • RM51-02 Tourbillion on Diamond Strap

He boasts that the diamond model alone is “One Million”, and could be a custom model, before saying “That’s four, ya’ll ain’t got one. Ya’ll wouldn’t even get one.” You’re looking at at least two million dollars worth of watches, and then there’s the bling around his neck to match.

Tekashi was arrested in 2018 racketeering, weapons and drug charges and sentenced to two years in prison in February 2019 as part of a plea deal which saw him testify against fellow members of the Nine Trey Gangsters gang. He was released early in April 2020 due to the COVID-19 outbreak which could have affected his asthma, but is required to serve the remainder of his term on house arrest.

We’re pretty confident he won’t mind.

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