A Madman Infused Gin With Vintage Harley-Davidson Parts

Like the motorbikes, The Archaeologist Gin is craftsmanship in every detail.

A Madman Infused Gin With Vintage Harley-Davidson Parts

The spirit of Harley-Davidson: now in drinkable form. Motorbike enthusiast (and possible evil genius) Uwe Ehinger has taken his passions for petrol and alcohol to an insane new level with the launch of The Archaeologist – a gin infused with actual vintage Harley-Davidson parts.

Ehinger is the founder of Ehinger Kraftrad, an internationally renowned manufacturer of custom-made motorbikes based in Hamburg, Germany. He has spent decades as a racing- and sports-bike rider, as a globetrotting retailer of rare bikes and parts, and as an engineer and entrepreneur. His mission to track down antique bikes in the most remote corners of the world earned him the nickname he has now given to his new venture, The Archaeologist.

The Archaeologist Gin is (unsurprisingly) the world’s first premium dry gin to contain Harley-Davidson engine parts. Each bottle houses an original part Ehinger discovered somewhere around the world: 1939 Flathead camshafts from the Mexican desert, 1947 Knucklehead screw-nuts from Chile, or 1962 Panhead rocker arms from South Korea.

Right now you have questions about hygiene and health codes. All parts used to “infuse” The Archaeologist Gin are specially cleansed and sealed with a tin alloy so it’s safe for them to be soaked in your beverage. They’re then soldered onto a steel structure and encased in a handcrafted bottle.

Serviceplan Group and renowned Hamburg designers Studio Oeding are behind the creative concept. The packaging is a nod to the original packing of antique engine parts, using authentic materials and historic techniques. The labels are printed on an original Heidelberg Tiegel printing press from 1931. Hand-stamped, tamper-proof seals and clenched hang-tags – each bearing the unique serial number of the engine part in its respective bottle – finish off the look.

If you’d like to get your hands on this especially manly drink, you’ll need to get in line. Every bottle is unique and will set you back more than US$1000. On top of that, the first run is reserved for Ehinger’s most loyal customers and is only served in Ehinger’s garage, and the limited number that were distributed via the website’s shop sold out within hours.

Advance orders for the next series can be placed online. In the meantime, learn more about The Archaeologist in the clip below.