The Rock’s ‘Cheat Day’ Advice A Welcome Reprieve For Macro Warriors

Just desserts.

To obtain an enviable rig of God-like proportions, not only do we need to dedicate hours upon hours to the gym, but we also need to dedicate just as much time (if not more) to the kitchen. It’s common to think we should only consume ‘healthy’ foods, but if The Rock‘s cheat days are anything to go by, that may not always be the case.

It’s no secret that nutrition plays a huge part in our quest for larger muscles, with our bodies needing to be introduced to a calorie surplus if we wish to gain any real size.

But consuming a huge number of calories isn’t always as simple as it sounds, as we need to look carefully at the macros within the foods we eat, breaking them down by protein, carbohydrates and fats. Protein, of course, is needed to help encourage muscle growth, so consuming food sources high in protein is vital.

What we shouldn’t do, is focus on the calorie target alone, and reach it easily be gorging on foods high in fat and sugar. It’s not a case of eating more, but a case of eating right.

But, as we’ve previously mentioned, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson has other ideas, and, given the size of him, we’re inclined to sit up and take notice.

The former professional wrestler turned Hollywood megastar, unlikely style icon and absolute unit of a human, regularly posts images to his Instagram account of his ‘cheat day’ meals. Cheat days are defined as pre-determined breaks in one’s diet, as a sort of reward and a reprieve from the other six days of diligent macro counting.

With regards to weight loss goals, cheat days are said to be a huge no-no, as one day of high-calorie consumption can wreak havoc on the overall average for the week. However, for those looking to bulk up, cheat days can provide the extra calories and energy needed to achieve muscle-building goals.

At least, that’s the message provided by The Rock.

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In his most recent cheat meal posts, comprising “waffles, bananas and peanut butter”, The Rock adds,

“This one timer gives me a small boost of carbs, sugar and fat – if you can find consistency with your training and diet – meals like this go a long way as your muscles, body and cognition absorb it all to keep us operating at that optimal level.”

“Powdered greens mixed in my water and a freshly empty bottle of maple syrup because I don’t f*ck around with my syrup.”

“Boosted up, now let’s get to work and have a productive rest of the week.”

It’s not the first time the Fast and Furious star has indulged in gluttony, as previous posts show him devouring other dishes such as pasta bolognese, complete with vodka-based sauce…

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…banana pancakes with more maple syrup…

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…and toast, with whipped cream, peanut butter and tequila-soaked coconut chips.

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Of course, if you follow The Rock’s advice – which we’ve also seen backed up by Australian poster boy Chris Hemsworth – and give your body a cheat meal it deserves, you need to make sure you’re training at a sufficient enough level to offset some of the high-calorie intakes, otherwise, you’re looking at a one-way ticket to a rotund belly.

It’s certainly food for thought.

Watch The Rock’s most epic workouts below.

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