Rolex Increase Prices In Australia For The Second Time In 2024, With These Models Hit Hardest

To the moon!

Rolex Increase Prices In Australia For The Second Time In 2024, With These Models Hit Hardest

If you’re one of the lucky few in the market for a gold Rolex, then now might be the worst time in history to go shopping.

  • Rolex gold watch prices are up around 4%…
  • Thanks to skyrocketing gold prices which have risen to US$2,347.70 an ounce.
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Rolex is at it again, pulling off their second price hike of the year, blaming skyrocketing gold costs. Thankfully, steel watches remain unchanged, spared from the inflation wave while gold ones are getting a 4% slap on the price tag. This is on top of some already massive Rolex price hikes DMARGE reported earlier this year.

The Swiss giant rolled out the new prices on June 1, adding insult to the injury of January’s already eye-watering hike. Since then, gold prices have shot up 17% from US$2,000 to over US$2,400, settling at $2,343 last week. The Swiss franc’s on a rollercoaster too, making it a sweet deal for European and US buyers. Not so much for Australians, though.

Some Rolex models dodged the bullet, like the Air-King, DateJust, Submariner, GMT Master II, Oystersteel Daytona, and Air-King… lol. “I want an Air-King!”, said no one ever.

Rolex Day Date 40 in Everose
Rolex Day Date 40 in Everose is up 4%. Image: Rolex

Regardless, if you’re eyeing any of the following, then expect to keep saving a little longer.

The 40mm Yacht-Master in rose gold is also up around $3,000. And the 40mm Day-Date in white gold? You’re looking at $76,300 for the base model. That’s up around 4% too. Submariner in steel? It’s steady as she goes (phew), but the white gold one is up by $2,500 to a cool AU$69,800. (+4.1%).

Let’s not forget the gold Cosmograph Daytona; the steel one is sitting pretty, but the white gold is much the same with a +4% means it’s now around AU$70,900.

All in all, these past two years have seen Rolex prices jump by nearly 15%, but topping the chekiness charts is the white gold Daytona, up by a whopping 19.3% since 2022.

On the upside, gold Rolex watches aren’t nearly as sought after as the steel models, so as demand cools you’re more likely to score the gold Rolex you want without the after-market tax.

Hang in there, horologists. Things can only get better…