Rolex’s ‘Eye Of The Tiger’ Is Their Most Luxurious Watch Ever

Meet the 'White Tiger'.

Rolex’s ‘Eye Of The Tiger’ Is Their Most Luxurious Watch Ever

Animal style: meet the Rolex Cosmograph Daytona 'White Tiger'. Image courtesy Rolex Magazine

Most luxury watch brands are pretty tight-lipped about their upcoming releases, but none more so than Rolex. The world’s largest watchmaker and the most famous luxury brand on the planet bar none, Rolex is well-known for its po-faced, secretive approach to watch releases. Naturally, there’s a whole cottage industry surrounding Rolex gossip and speculation. Watch fans keep an exceptionally close eye on any additions, revisions and discontinuations that emerge in Rolex’s vast and evolving catalogue.

It’s a brilliant marketing strategy: luxury is all about exclusivity, after all. But if we’re really talking exclusivity, there’s nothing more exclusive than buying a watch Rolex doesn’t announce; doesn’t list in its catalogue. A secret menu Rolex, if you will. Of course, we’re talking about the Daytona ‘Eye of the Tiger’.

Not to be confused with the tiger eye dial Day-Dates from the 70s, this version of the already in-demand chronograph is crafted from yellow gold and features an elaborate, exotic diamond-patterned dial as well as a diamond-encrusted bezel – making it easily the most outrageously luxurious watch Rolex makes, except for maybe the completely pavéd Pearlmaster. The average schmoe isn’t getting offered one of these bad boys – these are only for the most dedicated Rolex customers.

Now, in 2021, Rolex has unveiled a white gold version of the prestigious timepiece. Or maybe ‘unveiled’ is the wrong word, as there’s been no announcement or update to their website. Instead, the well-connected sleuths over at Rolex Magazine (no affiliation with the brand itself) have shared these details with the rest of the world.

The internal catalogue shot. Interestingly, it’s in German – Rolex is based in French-speaking Geneva, although a majority of Switzerland’s population is German-speaking. Perhaps it’s a translation for German-speaking Rolex employees. Image courtesy Rolex Magazine

They’ve shared a photo of what looks to be an internally distributed Rolex catalogue or a boutique sales reference sheet, as well as a photo of the watch in the flesh. Again, details are scarce, but Rolex Magazine insists the watches are “slowly emerging in the wild to customers’ amazement.”

The white gold version – dubbed the ‘White Tiger’ – looks stunning. It’s more understated; cleaner than the original yellow gold, and we can only imagine it’s a popular piece among the 1% of Rolex customers. The other part of this reveal is the revelation that the yellow gold Tiger is now available with a gold, diamond-encrusted bracelet (previously, it was only available on Rolex’s ‘Oysterflex’ bracelet, and it seems that the White Tiger is only available on Oysterflex, too).

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Prices for the yellow gold Tiger on Chrono24 average around the US$220,000 range, so we can only imagine the White Tiger would come in a bit under that – accounting not only for the lower price per gram of white versus yellow gold but also for the markup from retail we’re naturally encountering on the aftermarket.

No doubt we’ll soon start seeing White Tigers emerge on the wrists of the rich and the famous in coming months. Conor McGregor already owns a yellow gold Tiger, for example – perhaps he’ll add a White Tiger to his collection?

Speaking of exotic Rolexes, check out the new meteorite dials Rolex debuted earlier this year.

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