Is This The One Week Of The Year You Should Tip Like An American?

Tipping's not customary in Australia, but surely this is a special case...

Is This The One Week Of The Year You Should Tip Like An American?

Anyone who’s been in Brisbane or Sydney over the last couple of weeks will know the weather has been absolutely atrocious. There has been an unprecedented amount of torrential rain; so much so, that I’m personally starting to feel like I moved to England.

That being said, there are some pleasurable moments that are made extra sweet by rain. For example, the experience of snuggling up on your couch with a good book and a hot cup of tea is somehow magically improved when there are raindrops falling outside. And getting food delivered is ten times better when the weather outside is frightful…

But we never really spare a thought for the poor person who’s had to brave that frightful weather to bring us our meal. Well, we do; we feel extremely sorry for the poor bastard, just not sorry enough to not order any food at all.

However, by ordering food and choosing to get it delivered in wet weather is actually contributing to delivery drivers’ (or riders for those really unfortunate people stuck on bicycles) risking their safety and potentially, their lives. Transport for NSW states that “travelling on wet or icy roads increases the risk of a crash” and that in wet weather, drivers should “​​avoid any unnecessary travel.”

Sure, you could argue that the drivers themselves are choosing to take that risk but that’s because they obviously need the money and most of these food delivery services, like Uber Eats, Deliveroo and Menulog, don’t pay very well and don’t stop taking orders in adverse weather conditions. So morally, it should fall on us to either not order delivery at all when it’s raining cats and dogs… Or to tip our delivery drivers big. But which option is the right one?

Food delivery drivers want to deliver in dangerous weather conditions because they are hoping to receive good tips; something they definitely deserve. Image Credit: Johnny Miller.

Of course, this topic has been discussed in the AITA (Am I The Asshole?) section of Reddit and most of the comments – which seem to have been written by delivery drivers – make the same point: it’s okay to order food during bad weather as delivery drivers are willing to endure it to earn money; however, you should give them a good tip, as it’s not a pleasant task.

One Reddit user commented, “Anyone who’s out delivering in bad weather is electing to do so. Good tips make it worth the effort.” while another wrote, “I intentionally deliver in bad weather in hopes for higher tips. It’s crazy to see how many people still don’t tip [though].”

One Reddit user even admitted they’re happy to risk driving in bad weather and potentially crash as long as they get a good tip: “I would absolutely risk an accident for a $20 tip lol not even being sarcastic.”

While tipping is not customary in Australia, the people of Reddit have spoken… Make sure if you get food delivered during stormy weather, give your delivery driver some extra cash to say thanks. It’s the least you can do considering you were too lazy or weren’t willing to risk your safety to go and get food. Bon appétit.

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