Tom Brady’s Idea Of A ‘Cardio Workout’ Is An Absolute Joke

Tom Brady is delirious if he thinks this is 'cardio.'

Tom Brady’s Idea Of A ‘Cardio Workout’ Is An Absolute Joke

Tom Brady, NFL GOAT, legendary quarterback, and the Buccaneers’ latest “game changing signing” seems to be as big of a fan of cardio as he is of retirement.

After Brady came out of retirement earlier this month (just six weeks after announcing he would be giving up the game), saying: “These past two months I’ve realized my place is still on the field and not in the stands,” Brady has now taken to Twitter with a “cardio workout” which, to our eyes, looks like a joke.

“Still the best way to get some cardio in…” Brady wrote on Twitter, posting the below video, and tagging Julian Edelman.

He credited the video to creators @ari_fararooy and @ShadowLion.

First up: a clarification. This isn’t recent footage. As NESN’s Zack Cox points out, Edelman is edited into a video that was made by Ari Fararooy after a Brady throwing session in July 2021. So it’s a bit cheeky to begin with.

This hasn’t stopped some rampant speculation over whether Brady is trying to tempt Edelman out of retirement though. Retired wideout Edelman simply responded to Brady: “How’s the knee look?”

Our point about the cardio still stands, too: it might be a lung-busting workout for Edelman (superimposed or overwise), who gets run ragged all over the field receiving, but for Brady, it looks pretty light on…

He is the GOAT though, so we’ll just shut up and watch.

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