Tom Holland Admits To Awkward ‘Sex Toy’ Moment With Mark Wahlberg

"Get your head out of the gutter."

Tom Holland Admits To Awkward ‘Sex Toy’ Moment With Mark Wahlberg

Image Credit: Marvel Studios

Tom Holland is one of the most successful young actors currently working in Hollywood; his latest film, Spider-Man: No Way Home is smashing box office records and he’s co-starring with Oscar-nominee and veteran actor, Mark Wahlberg in the upcoming film adaptation of the video game of the same name, Uncharted.

But it seems Holland is just like every other 25-year-old male, as he admitted yesterday that embarrassed himself in front of Wahlberg, by being slightly dirty-minded.

During an interview with Access Hollywood, Wahlberg goaded Holland into telling the hilarious story of how Holland thought Wahlberg had given him a sex toy massager and thought that Wahlberg wanted to use it together in Holland’s hotel room.

Holland, clearly horrified, says to Wahlberg during the interview, “you want me to tell that story do you?!” He then goes on to explain that when the two first met at Wahlberg’s house before they started filming Uncharted, Holland was a bit nervous and shocked when Wahlberg gave him a massager as a gift.

“Essentially, Mark Wahlberg was kind enough to give me a massage gun after I left his house in LA and he drove me back to my hotel and at the time I was confused as to what kind of massage gun this was, having never seen one before, and I thought it was [a] type of self-pleasure [massager] and I thought Mark Wahlberg was driving me back to my house for other reasons other than just being a gentleman.”

Tom Holland

At this, Wahlberg throws his hands up, pretending to be offended – as he’s clearly heard this story before – but Holland jokingly defends himself by saying:

“I didn’t know you; it’s Hollywood baby, who knows what’s gonna happen.”

Holland & Wahlberg seem to share another uncomfortable car ride in Uncharted. Image Credit: Sony Pictures

Wahlberg then tells his side of the story.

“We’d been talking about working out, fitness, recovery, all this stuff, you know; I have a company… we make the best massage guns out there, so I was like ‘I wanna gift you one, this’d be great for your recovery’.”

Mark Wahlberg

Then, Wahlberg recalls offering (as nothing more than as an innocent act of kindness) to drive Holland to his hotel so the young star didn’t have to take an Uber.

“We’re driving with this massage gun and I can’t believe the whole time [Holland was] thinking that; I’m just trying to have a conversation with [Holland]. Talking about [Holland’s] family, and talking about my kids…”

Holland interjects with “why’d you think I was so nervous?!” To which Wahlberg smartly retorts:

“You gotta get your head out of the gutter buddy.”

While Holland doesn’t reveal exactly what he thought Wahlberg wanted to do in that hotel room with the massage gun that Holland thought was a sex toy, we can guess, and therefore, can understand why Holland was so nervous during that car ride… Perhaps, we need to get our heads out of the gutter too.

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