It's Cheaper To Travel The World Than Rent An Apartment In Sydney

And no amount of smashed avo' will make up for it...

It's Cheaper To Travel The World Than Rent An Apartment In Sydney

With one-bedroom, city centre apartments costing an average of $2681.48 per month in Sydney, it’s hardly surprising people are opting out. What’s interesting is the entrepreneurial direction they are moving.

According to Travel+Leisurepeople are starting to use their rent money to live around the world, #digitalnomadism now a legitimate alternative to a 9-5 corporate grind. The catch? You’ve got to have marketable skills and lots of self discipline (basically, you need to have what freelancers have always needed, except now you can do it from an infinity pool in Thailand…).

To get started: find a niche.

“Digital nomads do a whole bunch of different things for money; some work on artificial intelligence, app development, and social media management, while others do more traditional trades, such as copywriting, marketing, and design. The first step is figuring out your skill (Nat Kassel, for Redbull Exploration)”.

Once you’ve got that down-pat, its crucial to build a solid client base (something we would recommend doing from the security of your over-priced Sydney apartment). Then the world’s basically one giant playground for your tanned bod and over-instagrammed Macbook. Monthly rent in the south of Spain is roughly what you’d pay per week in Sydney, and do we even need to mention Bali is just a Jetstar away?