Upper Body Kettlebell Circuit Will Have You Looking Like Thor

Time to ditch the barbell.

Upper Body Kettlebell Circuit Will Have You Looking Like Thor

It takes time and commitment to build a God-like body. You need to change up your routine every so often so keep the muscles on their toes, and train several times a week. If you’re stuck for ideas of what to try next time you’re in the gym, this kettlebell circuit could be just the thing to give you washboard abs, bulging biceps and boulder shoulders.

It comes from personal trainer, model, and all-round nice guy Lachie Brycki. The Instagram influencer posts regular workout videos on his page and on his stories, and he provides clear step-by-step instructions to ensure you get the technique right to help avoid injury. This kettlebell circuit is particularly effective because you can perform it either at the gym, or at home, so there should be no excuse to shy away from giving it a go.


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Here is a complete upper body circuit you can try, using just two kettle bells. It’s ideal if the floor is super busy, you wanna chill in your own corner of the gym or want to workout at home. — The circuit consists of 6 exercises – 1 – Upright Row – 12 Reps 2 – Bent Over Row – 12 Reps 3 – Side Raises – 12 Reps 4 – Tricep Extension – 12 Reps 5 – Hammer Curl – 10 Reps 6 – Raises Pushups – 12 Reps — Get through the circuit with minimal rest. Have a drink and take a minute or two between rounds. Try to compete 4-5 rounds in total. — Hope you enjoyed today’s upper body KB workout. Give it a go ✌🏻ENJOY 🙂 — #fit #fitness #circuittraining #circuit #upperbody #training #train #fitfam#work #gym #bodybuilding #gymshark

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To start, you’ll need to get two kettlebells of equal weight. It’s wise to make sure they’re not too heavy, because you’ll be carrying out six exercises, one after the other, to complete a full circuit. The aim is to complete the circuit 4-5 times. You should also make sure you warm your body up and activate your muscles before diving in.

Upright Rows – 12 Reps

Hold the kettlebells in front of you with a pronated (overhand) grip. Lift your arms up so that your shoulders and elbows are parallel with the floor, and the kettlebells are close to your pecs. This move will work your shoulders, traps and upper back.

Bent-Over Row – 12 Reps

Bend your knees and your back so that you’re looking at the floor. Lift the kettlebells up, keeping your elbows close to the body. This move targets the lat muscles and the rhomboids in your upper back. You can try switching between lifting the KBs close to your chest, or close to your waist, to target different muscle groups.

Side Raises – 12 Reps

Hold the kettlebells by your side and lift outwards so that your whole arm is straight as can be. This is another shoulder blaster move, working the deltoids in particular, but also works the upper back.

Tricep Extension – 12 Reps

Hang the kettlebells behind you and lift them up above your head using your forearms. Be sure to keep your triceps as locked in position as possible.

Hammer Curl  – 10 Reps

Keep your elbows close to your body and your upper arm look in position. Using a neutral grip, lift the kettlebells so that they’re 90-degrees to the floor. This move primarily targets the biceps and forearms, but has some effect on the traps, too.

Raised Pushups – 12 Reps

Get into a wide stance pushup position, but instead of putting your hands on the ground, grip the kettlebells instead. This is a great move to carry out, as it works the shoulders, lower chest, triceps and back.

Carrying out just one full circuit should have you feeling the burn. Take a few minutes rest and drink some water before tackling it another three or four times.

Your Thor body awaits.