Men’s Fashion Essentials To Beat The Unpredictable Melbourne Weather

Brave Melbourne's unpredictability in style.

Men’s Fashion Essentials To Beat The Unpredictable Melbourne Weather

Ah Melbourne, you unpredictable wildebeest. Whilst locals worship it as Australia’s epicentre of fashion, food and art, they often forget that it’s also near-impossible to dress accordingly for thanks to its notorious four-seasons-in-a-day.

Challenge accepted. We hit up stylist Jeff Lack to find out exactly how men should dress for Melbourne’s sporadic climate. It’s not about wearing more or less, but being strategic with layers so that you’re equipped to take on anything from a cold snap to a mild heat wave without looking out of place.

One Colour To Rule Them All

image: Karen Woo

“Known for it’s many varieties of black clothing Melbourne is all about elegant, chic styling,” explains resident stylist Jeff Lack.

The idea behind utilising the classic hue is reflective of the city’s thriving culture which allows men to combine looks without trying too hard – similar to the cool cats of New York City without the pretentiousness.

“Even when colour is added, black underpins the ensemble.” – Jeff Lack

“Even when colour is added, black underpins the ensemble. White, cement and tan are often accomplices,” adds Lack.

“Layers are very important as the weather changes so rapidly, you must be prepared.”

So take a leaf out of Melbourne’s classic style heritage and try some of these pieces this season. It’s guaranteed to get you through whatever the city throws at you.

The Right Footwear

Boots and sneakers are a must for any man venturing about Melbourne town. Chelsea boots never really went out of fashion and in this case they can also double as a practical barrier for unexpected hits of rain or cold snaps.

Remember though, if you’re going for suede boots be sure to scotch guard them real good to prevent scuff marks and water soiling the material.

Sneakers are also a no-brainer as they provide spades of versatility when paired with a more streetwear aesthetic – think joggers, cropped chinos and cuffed denim.

Layer Up Light

Keeping your layering light is the secret to beating the transitional weather of Melbourne without dropping your style game.

Sweaters and plain T-shirts worn over each other are a enough to get the job done and they don’t even need to be fancy. Monochrome (black and white) is your friend here but muted greys can also work a treat.

Outerwear To Brave The Elements In Style

This is where things get serious with leather biker jackets and tailored overcoats adding an impeccable finishing touch to your quintessential Melbourne look.

As the windchill factor rises, coat up as required. Similarly, venturing indoors into warmer pockets simply means that layers can be peeled off with little effort and the look intact.

We recommend going for the classic black here but similarly darker hues like navy can also work.

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Leg Warmers Of The Denim Variety

Denim may scream as an obvious move for locals, but for others who are more accustomed to board shorts and thongs, it’s a staple garment for all seasons of Melbourne. Go for black denim bottoms and your choice of upper garments will almost be limitless.

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