Meet Mason Ray Parker, The “Who Else High AF RN?” Instagram Troll

Meet Mason Ray Parker, The “Who Else High AF RN?” Instagram Troll

If you’re a regular Instagram user and you follow accounts that post nothing but memes, then you should recognise the name Mason Ray Parker. The Instagram user has become known for posting the same comment on countless meme videos, simply saying, “Who else high af rn?”

His serial commenting has led to much backlash from the Instagram community, with many users petitioning to have him banned from the platform.

So, who is Mason Ray Parker, what is his Instagram and what else, if anything, does he do? Read on to find out.

Mason Ray Parker Quick Facts

Name: Mason Ray Parker
Age: 23
DoB: 29th July 1999
Nationality: American
Net Worth: $5 million (estimated)
Instagram: @masonrayparker – 1.5m followers (private account)
YouTube: Mason Ray Parker – 18.1k subscribers

Who Is Mason Ray Parker?

Mason Ray Parker is a social media star and ‘professional’ rapper from Abilene, Texas. Not much is known about Mason’s private life, such as his family and upbringing.


All we do know about Mason Ray Parker is that he has released a number of rap songs on his YouTube account, with his most recently released official music video being for his song, “Elementary.” Mason’s most recent song released as an audio track only is “Walking Proof,” which was released in December 2021.

Mason Ray Parker Instagram

An example of Mason Ray Parker commenting on an Instagram post.

Mason Ray Parker is going to be a name people who use Instagram a lot should know. If you follow meme accounts, such as @hotdogs, then you would have likely seen Mason Ray Parker commenting on practically every post with the same line, “who else high af rn?”

His persistent commenting has led to many Instagram users calling on the social media platform to ban his account. This petition on, for example, currently has just over 1,000 signatures, and says,

“Mason Ray Parker is an untalented rapper who continually abuses his verified status to annoy people within the Instagram comment section.”

“On many prominent accounts he continues to spam “who else high af rn” to the annoyance of most Instagram users. As such in order to stop him from annoying us we request the Instagram either ban him from their service, revoke his verification status, or prohibit him from commenting on posts again.”

There are even Reddit threads, such as this one, dedicated to talking about Mason Ray Parker’s spam comments. While many people agree his comments are annoying and that his Instagram posts should be reported (they’re now hidden behind a private account), some comments allude to Parker’s genius tactics,

“Is this all a marketing tactic? after all, doing this definitely got him some traction. it got people listening to his music, liking his comments and weirdly some people started following while others unfollowed. idk this is just a theory.”

Mason Ray Parker Net Worth

Mason Ray Parker with his Audi R8.

According to CelebCritics, Mason Ray Parker’s net worth is an estimated $5 million, which he has amassed through his music releases and collaborations on Instagram.

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