The Truth About Why French Coffee ‘Sucks’

Hint: you're probably ordering the wrong thing...

The Truth About Why French Coffee ‘Sucks’

Food. Wine. Fashion. Romance. There are a lot of things which are renowned to be better in France (and particularly Paris). But coffee is apparently no longer one of them.

That’s right: while romantic notions that French coffee still has a certain je ne se quoi about it still exist on Twitter…

…according to some of those that have recently visited The City Of Love & Burnt Cappuccinos, reality is a little different.

Some tourists claim France has not kept up with the evolution of coffee culture, and they are so dismayed by this they have resolved to bring their own Moka pots with them “the next time we visit Paris.”

Our evidence for this? A recent Instagram post by daily fashion and lifestyle page Parisian Snobiety, which pointed out 5 embarrassing faux pas tourists should avoid in Paris (if they want to seem more French). The video was credited to Architectural Designer @volgaleoni.

The faux pas included: buying a beret in a tourist souvenir shop, going to Le Louvre on a Thursday, using a taxi everywhere and all the time, ordering a cappuccino in a typical French cafe, and taking pictures of the Eiffel Tower with a baguette in Rue de l’Université.

It appears some tourists felt attacked, because they came out swinging in the comments. One American Instagram user from Florida wrote: “We’re bringing a moka pot with us next time, couldn’t get good coffee anywhere. After being in Italy for a week, paris was a real let-down caffeine-wise! We loved the city though. Anyone have recommendations for good coffee or espresso in Paris? Maybe I was just ordering the wrong thing!”

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An Italian fashion desinger who splits their time between Milan and Paris came in with an even more savage take: “Good coffee in Paris just doesn’t exist 😆 .”

Another blogger wrote: “I dont like espresso in cafés anywhere other than in Italy 😭 france, america, whatever.. I make them myself cause I just can’t.”

Yet another chimed in with: “Some things don’t travel well… espresso is one of them😂 leave it in Italy. In Paris have a hot chocolate w a croissant instead.”

Some other followers discussed why Cappuccinos suck in Paris, suggesting it’s because most French people drink black coffee: “Cappuccino Is extremely expensive in France and bad quality. It’s very touristy, French people drink usually black coffee.”

“Cappuccino in Parisienne typical cafes is impossible to drink. Such a bad quality, bitter taste and too liquid. Plus overpriced.”

One sole Instagram user (at the time of writing) came to Parisian baristas’ defence, writing: “I have did both and i wasn’t disappointed.”

There you have it: a controversial opinion to start your weekend.