‘Airport Hot’: Why People Seem More Attractive On Flights

A dating expert breaks down the 'airport hot' phenomenon.

‘Airport Hot’: Why People Seem More Attractive On Flights

Have you ever wondered why people your age seem so much hotter on flights?

Everyone from Popsugar to Cosmopolitan to Reddit to (most recently) the satirical paper The Betoota Advocate (who wrote: “A local woman has today faced a conundrum many people have experienced while waiting at an airport – is that person hot or are they just my age?”) has picked up on this ‘airport hot’ phenomenon.

In fact, in a feat David Attenborough would be proud of, many people have taken to the Internet to ask why they find people hotter on flights than they would do back on the ground (see: “Why Guys Are Hotter While Travelling” and “Why Are There More Attractive People At The Airport“).

Samantha Jayne, a dating expert and relationship advisor on The Bachelor, recently shared with DMARGE why this is. She said a large part of why you find people more attractive in transit is because of the element of mystery.

“I think it is possible for some people to find people the same age attractive in an airport due to the element of mystery,” Samantha told DMARGE.

“The mind loves to imagine and fantasize about the possibility and when you are travelling it’s a time when you are actually being present.”

Samantha Jayne, relationship advisor to The Bachelor

“Being present helps you notice the things you wouldn’t normally notice. Maybe you’re intrigued about where the person is going, what they do for work, whether the trip is for business or pleasure, and you wonder what is their final destination? Is it the same as yours?”

Samantha added: “Maybe they are dressed well and you can’t help but notice their sense of style and you make assumptions about their incredible life or lifestyle.”

“When we are in transit, particularly at the airport we tend to be more so in holiday mode if we are travelling for adventure.”

Samantha Jayne, relationship advisor to The Bachelor

Likewise: “If it’s a work trip confidence is probably also high because, let’s face it, if you are being flown around for work, you’re in a good position and you’re kicking goals.”

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Now you know why you find people more attractive on flights and in airports, you might be interested to know how to test whether they are ‘genuine hot’ or just ‘airport hot.’

Unfortunate there’s no easy way to tell. As Samantha told us: “I think this one comes down to how you are feeling on the day. Ask yourself: are you feeling bored, low, and looking for attention from someone else who seems to have no flaws (and you want to live in a fantasy land), or are you having a good day you feel good and you are genuinely intrigued?”

“I guess it’s a bit like the old beer goggle scenario.”

Samantha Jayne, relationship advisor to The Bachelor

Samantha added: “You could also see if they take off their mask, or if their eyes are overly made up with makeup – could be a red flag they are trying to hide something! At the end of the day, you are the only one that knows what hot is to you.”

To do your best to look ‘airport hot’ yourself, grooming is key, and “breath mints are better and more discreet than chewing gum” Samantha told DMARGE.

Samantha also said: “Wear a good deodorant and a fresh fragrance but not too much; you don’t want to be overbearing.”

Once that’s sorted: “Wear clothes that are comfortable yet flattering. You don’t want to look like you’re out to party in a club, you want to look very smart, casual, and stylish.”

Finally: “have good body language, strong upright posture, make eye contact with strangers, and smile.”

Oh and apparently it’s not a good look to travel with a supermarket shopping bag: “Look organized and have nice clean and quality luggage; nothing worse than lugging around a green coles bag. Not a good look.”

Not to mention, in this day and age, you will probably be wearing a mask. So “wear a clean mask that is flattering” Samantha told us.

“Some of the masks out there are terrible and can make you look like you have no chin or nose. Check your side profile to see what it looks like and if need be, groom your brows ever so subtly because with a mask your eyes will stand out.”

Image Credit: Yahoo

Then, for the icing on the cake, Samantha says you could “carry an interesting book that is inspiring” which can “make you look more intelligent and is a great conversation starter.”

As for starting a conversation with someone in an airport or on a flight, this is a great way to ruin the mystique you have built around each other.

But if you must (hey, some people end up getting married after meeting on flights) Samantha says, as you should always, “Observe their responsiveness,” be respectful and read the tea leaves, and don’t be annoying or persistent if they are not interested in chatting, as a plane is a hell of a place to feel like you’re stuck talking to a creep.

“Are they overly chatty then keep it going, if they are making long pauses match them. Don’t show too much interest but just enough to get them interested and intrigued.”

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