Wild Bali Photo Depicts Airbnb Feature You’d Never Find In Australia

Vertigo: activate...

Wild Bali Photo Depicts Airbnb Feature You’d Never Find In Australia

Image Credit: @tropicalglamping/ @ekateryna93

A clifftop Airbnb in Nusa Penida, a small island southeast of Bali (and belonging to the Bali province) is blowing travellers’ minds. The tropical glamping experience looks insanely attractive, but some fear it could also be deadly.

From ducking under power lines to discovering some Americans love to pee in the pool, many Australian travellers get a rude shock in Bali. Many revel in the freedom. Others fret about what might go wrong in the absence of The Nanny State. Others simply want to find the most jaw-dropping Airbnb.

Speaking of which: photos of a clifftop Airbnb in Nusa Penida are blowing travellers’ minds. The Airbnb is an “entire bungalow” hosted by a “superhost” called Miyasa and is built to cater to two guests. It has one bedroom, one bath and, according to its Airbnb page, 1.5 baths.

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The place’s blurb reads: “Cliffs Edge is perched hundreds of meters above the crystal blue waters. Experience Glamping amidst peaceful surroundings of nature. A trusted favourite experience for content creators, photographers, nature lovers and couples.”

Photos like the following have social media users losing their minds, just a little…

The bungalow has wild ocean views, an eco-friendly bamboo design, inclusive breakfast, offers frequent sightings of turtles and manta rays, and has both indoor and outdoor showers. But what has caught travellers’ eyes is the “shooting ‘star net'” in which guests can be seen lounging above what appears to be a rather large drop.

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A video of the Tropical Glamping experience on TikTok roused many commenters’ interest (“how do I book,” “I’m so down,” etc.). One even tagged their friend, saying “let’s book our trip to Bali based on the availability of this Airbnb.”

Some, however, commenting on photos of this Airbnb on Instagram, expressed fears of vertigo (“My dumbass would fall off that ledge, I do not trust myself lol”).

Other videos suggest the lookout is actually perched a few metres above some bushes and rocks (rather than immediately above the massive drop to the bottom of the cliff). Still: we wouldn’t like to find out what would happen if you were to fall. That ‘small’ drop could still be dangerous. Plus: you could potentially keep rolling off the bigger drop…

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Even with this relatively small drop, we can’t imagine a fenceless balcony like this in an Airbnb in Australia (whether that’s to our detriment or benefit, we’ll leave up to you to decide). That being said: there are some Airbnbs in Australia which appear ripe for a bit of regulation (see: World’s Worst Airbnb Leaves Australians Stunned) too.

In any case, this Nusa Penida Airbnb is super popular. It’s booked out every single night from now until the 25th of October (where it is available for a few days, before being booked out again until November). Booking the place for two nights in November will cost about AU $924 (AU $462 per night). If this Airbnb has sparked your interest, here’s some information about Nusa Penida.

According to The World Travel Guy, from Bali, the only way to reach Nusa Penida is by speedboat or ferry. He says the speedboat journey takes about 45 minutes, adding “There’s no airport in Nusa Penida. There are a bunch of speedboat companies making the trip to Penida daily, and they all depart from Sanur Beach in Bali at various times.”

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Nusa Penida is also home to what some people have called the most beautiful beach in the world (Diamond Beach). Beyond that, in Nusa Penida, you can trot up and down those iconic stairs you have probably seen bouncing around on Instagram, watch the sunset at Teletubbies Hill (lots of grass, a little bit Ubud esque, etc.) and check out Kelingking viewpoint and Kelingking beach (the two things which apparently made Nusa Penida popular).

There are also natural pools, snorkelling spots, treehouses, an underground temple, waterfalls, cocktails, manta rays and the iconic broken beach (that iconic arch which, again, you’ve probably seen floating around the internet somewhere).

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