Winter In Australia Stuns Rest Of World

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Winter In Australia Stuns Rest Of World

It’s not shrugging off your togs and letting the sun poach your plates (for that head to Coffs or Mykonos): but it’s not far off either.

The clearer skies, brisker water and more intimate meetups (group get together on a frigid morning in July? Ain’t nobody got time for that) that come with winter are great.

From more space on the sand or rocks to the illicit ‘we’re the only ones escaping work to be here’ sentiment, there are a lot of benefits that evaporate in summer.

One new one is the ability to take a shameless Instagram story without being judged. Second only to the age-old pro of being able to slurp an ocean-pool Cerveza without a ranger breathing down your neck, this winter freedom is not just of use to influencers.

As the following snap shows, a classic winter thirst trap (or, general chilled beach day) is at its absolute peak in those months where Sydney’s eastern beaches look more like Capri than Miami, without judgment.


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Hidden natural baths 🐚

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Taken by photographer Alexandra Petros, and posted to Instagram with the caption, “Hidden natural baths,” the images show Sydney’s rockpools in all their natural glory.

Though the image was posted in April, the photo depicts Coogee as crowd-free as it would be right now, on a stunning midweek winter’s day.

Also, while the individuals in these particular images are not having a chinwag to themselves while streaming Instagram Live, the sheer potential to get your social media on (should you wish), without the snooty looks (or eavesdropping) you’d get in summer is tantalizing.

Whether you’re mucking around sending your mates a “hotdogs or legs” quiz or trying to take a person-free panorama, it’s all much easier in winter.

Not to mention: from the just-warm-enough rocks to the shimmering water, if it weren’t for the free weight workout area at Bondi, half the Eastern Suburbs’ coastal region could almost (almost) feel like The Italian Riviera (for comparison, check out the image below).


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While in Summer, you might still find the pastel colors and rocky floors you can get in, say, Italy, you’ve no hope of scoring the space and peace of mind (as seen below).


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In winter though, you’re in for a treat: and your expectations will undoubtedly be lower too.

Long story short? If your lack of a European jaunt this year has you in a tailspin, head down to the closest ocean pool, freeze yourself into a meditative state, then warm up on the rocks.

What more could you want?


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