Woman Has Heart Attack Mid-Flight, Saved By 15 Cardiologists Travelling To Conference

Just plane lucky.

Woman Has Heart Attack Mid-Flight, Saved By 15 Cardiologists Travelling To Conference

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Air travel can be a nerve-wracking experience, especially if you fall ill while cruising at 30,000 feet. However, for one British woman a fateful flight turned into a life-saving miracle.

After writing up tales about the flight attendant who survived a fall from 30,000 feet and the Chinese time-traveller who preached to his fellow passengers, we really thought we’d exhausted all the whacky travel stories out there. However, an old tale of a lucky Liverpudlian may have just taken the top spot…

On a transatlantic journey from Manchester to Florida in late 2003, Dorothy Fletcher suffered a heart attack mid-flight. As panic spread through the cabin, things suddenly took a thankful if unexpected turn: Dorothy found herself on a plane packed with cardiologists.

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Conference Calls

Fifteen experts, all en route to a cardiology conference in the States, rapidly responded when a stewardess sought out urgent medical assistance. As reported by IOL, the doctors sprang into action, coordinating medical efforts and working in seamless unison to stabilise the 67-year-old Dorothy.

Drips were carefully administered to her arms and the onboard medical kit was deployed to quickly control the potentially fatal attack. To ensure Dorothy quickly received the critical care she needed, the pilot decided to divert the flight to North Carolina. There, Dorothy was immediately transferred to the intensive care unit of a local medical facility.

The terrifying incident occurred while Dorothy was travelling with her daughter to attend the daughter’s wedding in Florida. Acute chest pains suddenly gripped her, and it was in that near-dire moment that the cardiologists became her miracle lifeline.

Recalling the astonishing turn of events from her Liverpool home, Dorothy said this:

“I couldn’t believe what happened. All these people came rushing down the aircraft towards me. The doctors were wonderful. They saved my life.”

Dorothy Fletcher

The Best Of Times

For Dorothy, it was a heartwarming and awe-inspiring act of unexpected but very well-timed heroism… even if she has no idea who the doctors were that saved her life, adding this:

“My daughter was with me, and you can imagine how she felt when all these doctors stood up. I wish I could thank them, but I have no idea who they were…”

Dorothy Fletcher

Following the heart attack on November 7th 2003, Dorothy spent two days in the Charlotte Medical Centre. Remarkably, she was well enough to attend her daughter’s wedding at Lake Berkeley, Kissimmee, the following week.

Christine Penman, Dorothy’s daughter who tied the knot with now-husband Gareth, reflected on the rollercoaster of emotions that her year had become:

“2003 was my best and almost my worst of years.”

Christine Penman

Dorothy Fletcher’s harrowing mid-flight experience turned miracle serves as a testament to the extraordinary kindness that can be found in the most unexpected places. As the famous saying goes, “It’s better to be lucky than good”, and Mrs Fletcher certainly got lucky this time around.