Clothing That Can Make You Instantly More Attractive

"Button-up shirt with the sleeves rolled to the elbows. Like a professional put-together look, but also ready to get his hands dirty if necessary."

Clothing That Can Make You Instantly More Attractive

When you don a pair of black skinny’s and white tee, you’d think it’s a safe bet. And in 2015, that may have been the case. However, it’s a brave new world of #fashion out there, and it’s hard enough to be ‘the man’ when your fashion game is on point, let alone when your wardrobe rotation has as much variety as a roast chicken rotisserie. So while there’s no need to set your Levis and crew neck aflame just yet, as a switched on modern gent, you can leapfrog the competition by getting the inside info on outfits that will draw a woman’s eyes to all the right places.

Oh and did we mention? These insights are less than 24 hours old, providing you with a snapshot of what will attract a woman’s attention today. And while some of the outfit suggestions are timeless, we can guarantee there will be others you have never worn, nay, considered wearing before. So listen up, and prepare a mental checklist of your wardrobe. Drawn from yesterday’s Reddit thread, which attracted over 20,000 comments, these are the men’s style trends women (in the microcosm that is Reddit) lust after most.

The thread began with the question, “Ladies, just like leggings can very easily attract a guys attention, what is something guys wear that will attract your attention?”. As is typical of the online forum, there were a few sarcastic responses, hilarious responses and downright bizarre responses. But out of the mayhem emerged certain themes that a switched on guy ought to pay attention to—single or not. Ranging from what to wear in the bedroom, to outfits women can’t help but ogle on public transport, let this be your fashion guide to February 2019.

Rolled Up Sleeves

To say women find this attractive would be, as the following comment shows, an understatement: “Guys who wear button down shirts but roll up the sleeves just past their elbows to expose their forearms. Those f***ing forearms dude.” And no: this isn’t just the opinion of one random woman with a lumberjack fetish. This post was upvoted over 11,000 times, and further comments revealed the shirt doesn’t have to be flannel to be sexy. On that note: on we roll…

Well Fitted Jeans

The next most useful response we found was a simple but oft neglected aspect of men’s fashion game: “Jeans that fit correctly. Also, shoes.” So, according to Anastasia, the woman behind this comment, there’s no use going online and buying a bunch of hyped accessories and expensive brands if you get the size wrong. Go for a tailored fit (or at least try the stuff on) when it comes to jeans, and don’t show up to a date in shoes you’ve had since middle school.

Grey Sweatpants

Not to be worn at the same time as the sharp coat or rolled up sleeves, but multiple women admitted checking out men’s grey sweatpants was a guilty pleasure, and ended up being upvoted over 14,000 times, proving to be the dark horse of, “Clothes women find attractive.” Why’s that? Our next style trend should make everything clear…

Anything That Shows Off Your Butt

From, “Some nice well fitting trousers, bonus if the guy has a nice bum,” to, “Never miss a leg day!! Thick thighs and some booty ahhhh and I’m dead!” it soon became clear that, “We all like ourselves a nice booty no matter what gender we are.”

“Even if it’s small, carry it with pride.”

The conversation then moved on to “how many socks are appropriate to stuff down there” (in case you were wondering; none), and even the potential for a Victoria Secret business venture: “(Why don’t) men get supportive bum bras to lift and squeeze, and little crack windows to show off the cleavage, and some frilly bits?”.

Assless Chaps

If you don’t know what assless chaps are, we highly recommend you look them up on Google. Essentially they are sturdy pants held up by a belt, with a gap for your #booty. These can either be worn solo in the bedroom—or underneath some nice fitting shorts—to subtly advertise your “assets”…

Classy Knitwear

Although thousands of women concurred that, “A cable knit sweater that sits just right,” is a hot look on a man, before you take this one to heart, remember not to go overboard. As one woman recounts, she was initially attracted to a co-workers sweater, but quickly lost interest due to his lack of hygiene: “I liked his sweater and noticed it but it lost its appeal the more days in a row he wore it.”

“Having well-kept clothes and practicing good hygiene are like 75% of looking good, and confidence makes up the majority of the remaining 25%.”

A Nice Timepiece

One commenter said the way to her pupils lay in the, “Combination of a nicely fitting shirt and a watch.” However as others pointed out, one must choose discerningly: “A nice watch. But not one of those gaudy blinged out dinner plate sized monstrosities.”

An Unbutton Plaid With The Sleeves Rolled Up

“That guy definitely gave me a lady boner.” Enough said.

A Sharp Trim

As hair made its first appearance into the foray, the male bottom made it’s several millionth: “A nice hair cut. Gosh.. and a booty.”

Soft Lips

Bear Grylls wannabes be warned: women do not like kissing you only to find flecks of your lips falling like dandruff. While this is a worst case scenario, one women had an important point to make, less to do with “attracting attention” and more to do with “keeping attention once it’s there”.

“Applies to both men and women. Lip care. Staying hydrated, not biting the skin of the lip, use lip balm when they’re dry, etc. People will look at your lips if they’re interested in you. Make those lips look like something they want.”

Wear Colours That Make Your Eyes ‘Pop’

“I really notice when someone wears a shirt or jacket that brings out their eyes. Someone I know with brilliant blue eyes looks completely different in bright blue scrubs versus a normal black or white collar shirt. And whenever my friend with big brown eyes wears his soft tan jacket, his eyes pop. It’s a startling effect.” Couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

A Sharp Coat

Next was “the duster.” A duster is a light, loose-fitting long coat that looks good in light coloured canvas, or plain black. However, this one split the crowd, with some commenters saying you would be better off burning it. Then again, if the upvotes are anything to go by, at least 6,200 women find it a turn on.

If all else fails; go with a maid outfit. Though perhaps not on public transport. Good luck!

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