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20 Best Work Pants For Men

A good day's work starts with wearing comfortable yet stylish work pants for men.

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Not quite a chino, not quite a suit pant; work pants for men can be tricky to identify… But it’s even trickier to find a comfortable pair that’s also stylish enough to rock in the office. If you’re after a pair of work pants for men but you’re not sure where to start, and you definitely don’t want to get stuck with another pair that’s too tight, or ill-fitting, or just downright look like they’ve been purchased at Walmart, we’ve done the hard yards for you.

The ideal fit of work pants for men

Work pants for men should be widest at the waist, and then taper down to the ankles, just like the natural shapes of men’s bodies. They should be worn just above the hip, allowing plenty of room for you to tuck your shirt in (without worrying about the shirt exposing your belly when it inevitably pops up).

Expertly tailored work pants for men should never have excess fabric, but they should be a little loose to comfortably allow for all-day movement. However, if your work pants wrinkle or bunch around your thighs, they’re too tight. Whether you choose a pair with or without pleats is your call; although pleats do add flexibility and extra comfort through the leg.

Work Pants For Men FAQs

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