The Worst Mistake You Can Make In Business Class

Premium problems.

The Worst Mistake You Can Make In Business Class

From not being able to figure out the three-point seat belt to milling around like geese before the doors are opened for departure, there are a lot of mistakes rookie business class passengers make.

That’s before we even get to overindulging on the champagne or thinking you can hide friends in your footwell.

There is one mistake which is entirely avoidable, however, and that is getting stuck in a poorly located seat.

Travel blogger Will Luxury Travel recently took to TikTok with some tips about flying at the pointy end you really need to listen to (watch them in the video below).

Biggest mistake you can make in business class, according to Will Luxury Travel

“This is the biggest mistake you can make in business class,” Will says, taking viewers on a tour up and down a Qatar Airways business class cabin.

“Choosing the wrong seat.”

“Like this one, with no windows and by the toilet.”

“Instead come with me to row one, which has more leg room, more storage space and of course a bed.”

When a commenter suggested the seats weren’t so bad in a pinch (say if all the others were booked), Will responded: “Suit yourself. Also right next to economy bassinet so screaming babies and everyone stands next to your seat waiting for the toilet/bar.”

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When he has been questioned by followers in other videos about this theory, Will has said: “The price is exactly the same” and explained this is why it’s so important to check the seat map.

His stance seems strong.

Will isn’t alone in warning followers about the faux pas you are liable to make at the pointy end. Read the following articles to see the other terrifying obstacles that may await in premium cabins, such as the never-ending knocks on your door from overly efficient staff in first class.

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