Zendaya & Tom Holland Photo Provides Hope To Short Men Everywhere

A shining beacon.

Zendaya & Tom Holland Photo Provides Hope To Short Men Everywhere

It’s a tired trope that short men are at a disadvantage when it comes to dating. It’s also got some truth to it (hence why it became a trope).

But height isn’t everything.

In fact, coming in to prove to short men everywhere that your stature isn’t entirely defined by your stature, is a recent photo of Zendaya and Tom Holland.

English theatre kid turned Marvel superstar, Tom Holland is best known for his roles in The Avengers and Spiderman: Homecoming. 

Zendaya is an American actress and singer, and was a co-star with Holland in Spiderman. She also became the youngest-ever Emmy winner in the Best Drama Actress category in 2020, for playing a teen addict on Euphoria.

The pair were recently spotted together in Los Angeles, with various publications reporting (and excited Twitter users repeating) that their on-screen romance may now have become an off-screen one.

The couple were spotted kissing in their car as they waited for a red light, ahead of the Fourth of July weekend.

Celebrity news aggregator Just Jared took to Instagram on Saturday to write: “Omg! Zendaya and Tom Holland were spotted sharing a passionate kiss on Thursday while in Los Angeles.”


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Fans of the two actors were pleased by the news, with followers of the page making comments like: “Finally” and “I prayed for it.”

“What!!!!! Omg goals!” another wrote.

Not everyone was convinced, however, with one user writing, “As much as I love it and them… Feel like they playing.”

Another user commented: “I don’t buy it yet. Their reaction after the kiss was funny and friend-like. They could’ve been practicing for Spider Man or it could be a publicity stunt for the upcoming movie.”

“It’s been rumored that they date before, always before a movie premier.”

The two have previously denied relationship rumours and made fun of suggestions they could be an item.

Who wants to let cynicism get in the way of a good piece of (potential) inspiration though?

Over and out.

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