OnlyFans Model’s Wild ‘Travel Hack’ Stuns Southwest Airlines Flight

Red flag?

OnlyFans Model’s Wild ‘Travel Hack’ Stuns Southwest Airlines Flight

An OnlyFans model has shared footage of herself using the overhead ventilators to dry out her G-string during a Southwest Airlines flight. The travel hack sparked a fair bit of backlash on TikTok. While some praised her ingenuity, many called it gross.

OnlyFans model @itsvvsdiamond has a travel hack she wants you to know about: using an aeroplane’s fans to dry out your underpants (or any other item of clothing your arms can bear to hold up).

The model’s travel hack sparked debate on TikTok, where she posted the video of herself using the airline’s ventilators to dry out a red G-string. Some commenters kept a sense of humour, writing remarks like: “draws airlines” and “emergency oxygen inhaler” while others got concerned about hygiene, calling it a “red flag.”

Another said: “Oh. So that’s what those nozzles are for!!!” Further comments included: “Love to know the Storyline to this” and “Coming home from Los Vegas.”

Another concerned social media user wrote: “Next time wear cotton. It absorbs sweat, moisture… etc.”

“That’s why I don’t buy economy tickets anymore.”

Another two good comments were: “Is she trying to take a slingshot?” and “dear lord.”

Another TikTok user commented, in French, “il y en a du monde sans savoir vivre, comme celui qui change la couche sur le siège et non a la toilette…” This translates to: “There are people without knowing how to live, like the one who changes the diaper on the seat and not in the toilet…”

Wise words indeed…