Ana De Armas Couldn’t Speak English When She Landed Her First Hollywood Role

"I wasn't really sure what I was saying."

Image Credit: Getty Images

Trying to pursue a career in Hollywood is hard enough. But Ana de Armas did it without knowing any English at all…

Ana de Armas has quickly become one of the biggest names in Hollywood. Her performances in the iconic films Knives Out, No Time To Die and Blade Runner 2049 were simply flawless.

But what’s interesting about de Armas is how she started her Hollywood career. The Cuban actress, after starring in multiple Cuban and Spanish projects, including the popular Spanish show El Internado, decided to move to LA in 2014 despite not being able to speak any English.

She spent four months taking full-day English classes and then quickly booked her first English-speaking roles in Knock Knock – a horror-thriller starring Keanu Reeves – and War Dogs – the comedy-crime film starring Jonah Hill and Miles Teller.

But de Armas still hadn’t quite mastered the language…

So she learned her lines for both Knock Knock and War Dogs “phonetically”; de Armas even told The Hollywood Reporter while filming those projects, she “wasn’t really sure what [she] was saying.”

Of course, de Armas persevered and can now speak English fluently which has led to a successful career; we personally can’t wait to see her performances in the upcoming films The Grey Man and Blonde (a biopic that stars de Armas as Marilyn Monroe).

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