Australian Men Defying ‘Macho’ Sex Expectation

"Real men never say no to sex"... Or do they?

Australian Men Defying ‘Macho’ Sex Expectation

We’ve all heard it before: the stereotype goes that all men are obsessed with sex. Well, that’s not what our research suggests…

It might be 2022 but many of our assumptions and stereotypes about how Australian men and women are expected to behave in the bedroom remain somewhat antiquated.

DMARGE recently completed its inaugural ‘Men’s Matters’ Survey in partnership with Hoop Research – an annual study to better understand the expectations and pressures of work, lockdown and relationships on men – and some of our findings were rather startling.

Case in point: we put a number of controversial sex-related statements about men to a representative Australian audience as part of the study, including the statement “real men can have as many sexual partners as they like; real men never say no to sex” – and 75% of men surveyed disagreed with this statement.

We’ve all heard the adage “a key that opens many locks is a good key, a lock that opens for any key is a bad lock.” Our data would seem to challenge that (rather slut-shaming, it must be said) attitude.

Not all Australian men want heaps of sex partners… Image: The Conversation

It would suggest that a majority of Australian men have a more mature, less stereotypically ‘macho’ attitude to love and relationships – they don’t just value chalking runs up on the board or don’t feel pressured to be constantly sexually available.

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Interestingly, female respondents to our Men’s Matters Survey were even more against the statement than men, with 86% disagreeing. That also suggests that Australian women’s attitudes about men’s sexual appetites are changing – that is, they have a less reductive view of men in the bedroom.

It also suggests that women are less interested in playboys (or sexual double standards)… Although that’s perhaps a less surprising conclusion to draw.

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