Men In Relationships Are Healthier Than Single Men, According To Experts

Turns out love, not laughter, is the best medicine...

Men In Relationships Are Healthier Than Single Men, According To Experts

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You can go to the gym, eat right, drink plenty of water and get eight hours of sleep at night but, unfortunately, if you’re a single man, you’ll never be as healthy as a man in a relationship… Here’s why.

Looking at our 2022 DMARGE Men’s Matters Study, it’s clear that men think that being in a relationship is challenging. A whopping 63% of men agreed that ‘relationships are hard work’ and a surprisingly large number of men – 48% to be exact – think it’s easier being single than being in a relationship.

However, men who shudder at the thought of monogamy should, perhaps, rethink their stance as being in a relationship is hugely beneficial to men. According to Samantha Jayne, Relationship Expert and Advisor to The Bachelor Australia, men’s health improves vastly when they’re dating someone special.

“Studies have proven that men in healthy relationships are happier, healthier, and live longer. [Plus,] they have better emotional support… because women are better communicators when it comes to talking about their emotions; they are an excellent support system where men can openly talk about their feelings. Often when [male] mates get together the talk is more superficial on topics such as sports, weather and current affairs as opposed to the stresses they are having in life.”

This isn’t merely Samantha’s opinion; research conducted by Harvard Medical School showed married men live longer, have better heart health, have stronger bones, show improved cancer outcomes, are happier, are more resilient against life stresses and are just overall healthier than single men.

Studies prove that men in relationships are healthier overall than single men. Image Credit: Getty Images

Of course, all these benefits only come to fruition in healthy relationships; not toxic ones. Samantha defines a healthy relationship as one “that genuinely feels good” and is full of trust and support. She advises men can ensure their relationship is healthy by taking the following steps.

“… never take each other for granted. Work on all core needs, add variety and adventure to keep the spark alive and ensure your partner feels [like a] significant and important part of your life.”

Samantha Jayne

“[Make sure your partner] is aligned with you and on the same page with values and goals, and [whether] it feels good to be around her. Do you bring out the best in each other? They are the questions to ask yourself.”

And if you’re a single, unlucky-in-love man reading this, thinking ‘gee, I’d love to be in a relationship and reap all the benefits but I just haven’t found the one yet’, get off the apps and try ‘dog baiting’, a Contiki tour or ‘the proximity effect’ instead…

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