This Super Common Dating Move Is Actually A Massive Turn Off

Alluring or annoying?

This Super Common Dating Move Is Actually A Massive Turn Off

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Playing hard to get is not as attractive as you think, a trending Reddit thread suggests.

“What’s not as attractive as people think?” was recently asked in Reddit’s r/AskReddit community (“the place to ask and answer thought-provoking questions”). The top comment in response to the question came from a Reddit user called amelia_health.

Amelia_health wrote: “Playing hard to get with a person in an attempt to get / spike their attention. No thanks. Directness about feelings = attractive.” Her comment, at the time of writing has been upvoted 1.4k times.

Other users blamed such influences as “romantic comedies” for making us think playing hard to get is attractive (or necessary).

Not that it’s always unattractive (one Reddit user wrote: “If it’s well-executed and both parties understand the game they’re playing, it’s really alluring”). But most people in the comments seemed to dislike it.

A Reddit user called UndergroundFlaws wrote: “I absolutely loathe [playing hard to get]. I remember I was talking to a friend a few years after we had a small thing and she asked why I didn’t try more with her when she was single. We flirted a lot in friend group hangouts. I asked her to go dancing with me, she said yeah and then showed up with a guy and flirted with him the whole time.”

“I immediately stopped chasing her as anything more than a friend. She told me later that I should have tried harder. I was dumbfounded.”

Reddit user UndergroundFlaws

Other things people think are attractive but aren’t, which commenters drew attention to, included showing off your riches (don’t interject your car into a conversation where it doesn’t belong”), Instagram influencers, celebrities, aggression and “your unsolicited dick pick.”

Man playing hard to get. Image Credit: iStock

Another honourable mention goes to: “That thing that boys apparently do where they make this ‘seductive face’ and lick their lips.”

“It’s not sexy and it makes them look dumb.”

Finally, another couple of insights included: “the people with the impressive socials are the ones sat on their phone all day infront of you” and the fact that “being super rude and boss” is “not cute or hot.”

“I’ve met so many people who think that it makes them look assertive and dominant but in reality, they look like huge dick.”

Got all that? Now you just need to learn the ins and outs of the latest dating trends like jibing, pedestalling and beard baiting and you should be good to go…

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