Dog Baiting: The Sneaky Dating Strategy You’ll Go Barking Mad For


Dog Baiting: The Sneaky Dating Strategy You’ll Go Barking Mad For

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There’s a genius way to get yourself a date that doesn’t involve apps but does involve your dog… Man’s best friend indeed.

Not too long ago, I treated myself to a nice brunch at a local cafe. Just me, myself and I. It’s called self-care.

However, during my brunch, I noticed a young man just standing around with his dog and over the hour that I enjoyed my eggs benny and chai latte I realised he has come up with a brilliant dating strategy.

Obviously, dogs attract other dogs, so this guy was repeatedly approached by people also out and about with their dogs.

But whenever a good looking young woman’s dog went to his dog for a friendly sniff, this man would strike up a conversation and prolong it for as long as he could; it was obvious to me, from a distance, that he was trying to pick up.

You could meet the love of your life thanks to your pup. Image Credit: Getty Images

I have to admit, he was not over the top and didn’t give off creepy vibes; he was just friendly and a little flirty – hilarious because whenever an old man and his dog approached this dude, he’d only smile and maybe say “hey” but that was it.

In this day and age, dogs are more popular than ever and after an abundance of people went out and got COVID puppies to keep them company during long lockdowns, it’s actually rather clever to use your dog as an opener.

So fellas, if you’re unlucky in love and have a cute pooch, make sure that if and when the dog of someone you’d potentially like to take out on a date comes up and plays with your dog, shoot your shot; as this influencer believes, men are too dependent on dating apps and should be more willing to strike up conversations with strangers.

It’s important though not to come off as desperate or creepy though, so make sure you keep things lighthearted and back off if you sense the woman in question is not interested; especially as she may get her dog to bite you if you’re too persistent.

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