Fellas: It’s Officially Time To Bin Your Razor

Beard Season has begun. And it couldn't have come at a better time.

Fellas: It’s Officially Time To Bin Your Razor

There are just five days left until winter. That means Australian men are about to have the best excuse they’ll ever get to stop shaving. And not out of laziness – or even warmth. This year Australian men are being encouraged to grow out their beards for Beard Season. Beard Season is an initiative that aims to get you to grow a winter beard and help raise money to make skin cancer history.

Australian men are being encouraged rock out with their crop out. For winter, at least. This comes as part of an initiative called Beard Season. Beard Season is run by a non-profit charity called Skin Check Champions. Its goal is to improve access and awareness for the early detection of skin cancer.

The way it works is this: you quit shaving (your face) for winter, and use your beard as a conversation starting tool, as well as a project which people can donate to, if they choose. The funds you raise will help Skin Check Champions pioneer the world’s first targeted, national skin check program. This program will connect people with technology. It will also provide free pop-up skin check clinics and highly trained specialists, especially in communities most at risk of skin cancer – Australia’s ‘national cancer.’

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This is particularly important for men, who are notoriously lax at getting check ups. Australian men are also twice as likely to die from a Melanoma than women are. Beard Season took to Instagram with an important announcement on this front this week, writing: “Gentlemen, #BeardSeason2022 is now open for Ambassador registrations.”

“Blokes are twice as likely to die from #skincancer than women in this country and #BeardSeason is here to save them (as well as their friends & family) from our ‘national #cancer’. Raising awareness and funds to champion #earlydetection. To be amongst the first of this winter’s fraternity simply head to beardseason.com and sign up!!”

“Every #beard could save lives so please start a team and share amongst your mates.”

Beard Season

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Time to get that beard growing, fellas. You might not look as cool as @vj_kesh_ but you’ll get mad respect (and get an important conversation going) in the meantime…

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