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14 Best American Menswear Brands

These are the best American clothing brands you need to add to your closet.

American Menswear Brands

Whilst the United States of America might not have the rich and illustrious menswear traditions that England, Italy and France enjoy, in this day and age they are making some of the finest menswear available with its own distinct aesthetic.

From surf-inspired streetwear to the world’s finest underwear, the USA has made a name for itself in recent decades for producing brands that know how to do menswear which is more than a match for their transatlantic relatives. Everyone is familiar with the likes of Polo Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger and Brooks Brothers, whose preppy style defined menswear in the US, but what brands are developing the future style of menswear in the US right now?

There are an array of brands that have recently debuted and started taking a more modern approach to menswear in the US, all of which are contributing to the current and future styles which continue to grow and evolve from its preppy military roots. Expect more worldly, cultured and cosmopolitan aesthetics much like their European counterparts. It’s this evolution in US menswear that is taking the brands to the forefront of style in the sphere of men’s fashion.

From preppy blazers to denim jackets to jeans and sportswear, here are the American clothing brands that are defining the ways of American menswear as we know it today.

Where American Clothing Brands Make Their Clothes

Whilst they are American labelled, not all of them are American made. With China being the global powerhouse for clothes manufacturing, don’t be surprised to see that many of these garments are made there or in other regions of Asia. That’s not to say that the quality isn’t up to scratch. American labels are generally not too bad with ensuring quality standards – especially the smaller boutique names who don’t have the privilege of brand recognition yet and need to prove their worth through quality.

At the pricier end though some of these labels will opt for making their garments in the good old US of A or even regions of Europe with access to premium fabrics. If this aspect concerns you, do a bit of quick research with the label you like to see what initiatives they’ve undertaken to ensure quality goods and quality work practices in their country of manufacture.

Where To Shop For American Clothing Brands

A large majority of American clothing brands can be found online with shipping provided worldwide. This enables pretty much anyone to spy the latest looks from the States before ordering them to stay ahead of the seasonal game.

Everlane, END Clothing, East Dane and SSENSE are just some of the more popular places to start your journey into American-labelled menswear designs. Many of the brand we’ve mentioned also have their own dedicated online storefronts so you’re spoilt for choice.

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