5 Best Food Series On Netflix Australia

Prepare to drool.

5 Best Food Series On Netflix Australia

Image Credit: Netflix

Let’s be real; everyone loves food. And for some reason, there’s a great satisfaction to be had by watching a good food series. Whether it’s a documentary or a game show, foodies can sit back and enjoy some of the finest dishes on the planet without leaving their couch or spending a dime (aside from streaming subscription costs, of course).

If you’re looking for a new food series to devour, we’ve gone through Netflix Australia’s entire catalogue, and these are the best shows about food on the streaming platform.

The American Barbecue Showdown

Image Credit: Netflix

7.2 IMDb score, Game-Show, released in 2020, 1 season

The American Barbecue Showdown follows the US’s best backyard smokers and barbecuers as they compete for the title of ‘American Barbecue Champion’. If you enjoy cooking up a storm on your own BBQ at home, you’ll love this series as you’ll pick up some awesome tips and tricks.

The Chef Show

Image Credit: Netflix

8.2 IMDb score, stars Jon Favreau & Roy Choi, Documentary, released in 2019, 2 seasons

Jon Favreau, the man who created The Mandalorian and directed Iron Man among many other awesome things, travels around with chef Roy Choi and the two explore different foods around the world. If you’re a foodie or a Marvel fan – a few MCU actors make an appearance – The Chef Show is a must-watch.

Chef’s Table

Image Credit: Netflix

8.5 IMDb score, Documentary, released in 2015, 6 seasons

Chef’s Table focuses on one different professional and world-renowned chef each episode and explores both their life and kitchen. The series has been nominated for 8 Emmy awards and is beautifully shot. If you’re a lover of fine food, you have to watch Chef’s Table.

Nailed It

Image Credit: Netflix

7.4 IMDb score, stars Nicole Byer, Game-Show, released in 2018, 6 seasons

In this hilarious series, the contestants – who are nothing more than at-home bakers with no formal training – must recreate various desserts made by the finest gourmet chefs. The results are laugh-out-loud funny and will make you feel better about your own culinary skills. If you’re after an extremely lighthearted and binge-able cooking show, Nailed It is for you.

Taco Chronicles

Image Credit: Netflix

7.9 IMDb score, Documentary, released in 2019, 2 seasons

Taco Chronicles literally chronicles different types of tacos. Every episode explores the rich history behind various taco styles with fantastic interviews and stunning cinematography. If you love tacos (and who doesn’t?!) you’ll enjoy Taco Chronicles immensely… but be warned: you’ll crave tacos after watching it.

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