Golf Pants 2022: The 18 Best Golf Pants For Men

From fairway to club house, these are these golf pants are a cut above the rest.

Everybody knows that actually being able to swing a club and play a full round of 18-holes is only half the battle in golf. The other factor that determines your superiority on the course is your choice of clothing. Golf clothing for men is rather specific, with many courses instilling a strict dress code you need to adhere to before you even thinking about teeing off.

If you’re looking to either take up the sport of golf, or are in need of a fresh wardrobe of golf clothing, not only do you need to think about what polo shirt you’re going to get, or what golf shoes will see you through several hours of play this year, but you will also need some quality pairs of golf pants. You wouldn’t want to wear your regular chinos to the golf course – and you’ll more than likely be prevented from playing at all in jeans – so only a pair of dedicated golf pants will suffice.

Men’s golf pants are designed to not only offer the protection you’d expect from a pair of pants, but are stretchy too. You’ll want to look out for pairs that offer four-way stretch, as these will provide the very best in free movement, allowing you to swing through as comfortably as possible to make that 200-yard drive.

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More and more clothing retailers are becoming aware of the benefits – and popularity – of golf clothing, meaning you no longer need to rely upon the big sportswear brands. Instead, you can find golf pants from a range of clothing brands that offer both style and substance in spades.

We’ve rounded up the very best golf pants for men currently available, and you’ll do well to stock up on a few. Your game will thank you.

Men’s Golf Pants FAQ

Why do I need golf pants?

Pants designed specifically for golf will be different from regular chinos and trousers. They offer far greater stretch, are more lightweight and will be more breathable, and can even effectively wick sweat away from your body. You can, of course, wear regular chinos on the golf course, but you'll be much more comfortable and be able to swing your clubs more freely with a dedicated pair of golf pants.

Can you wear golf pants to work?

Absolutely. Just because golf pants are designed to be used when playing golf, doesn't mean they're not versatile. Most pairs will look like regular trousers or chinos, yet will be more lightweight and comfortable. If anything, they're a much better trouser option to wear to work, especially when the weather is hot.

What pants can I wear to play golf?

If you don't have golf pants, you can wear chinos or slacks. You absolutely should not wear jeans on the golf course, or cargo shorts or cargo pants. You can wear shorts, but they should be tailored and in neutral colours. Most golf courses have strict dress codes that you need to adhere to if you want to have any chance of playing a full round of 18 holes.

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