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20 Best Mountain Bike Brands To Conquer The Trails

These are the best mountain bike brands...

20 Best Mountain Bike Brands To Conquer The Trails

The history of mountain biking has been a short one, since the late 1970’s and early 80’s, and many bike brands began by repurposing road bikes to be used on mountainous trails. Some of the very best mountain bike brands today have been around since then, such as Trek and GT Bicycles, establishing the standard for all mountain bikes to come. While younger brands such as Santa Cruz and Pivot, have added technological innovations designed to tame the rough terrains.

The Different Types Of Mountain Bike Brands Sell

There is a lot that goes into the development of mountain bikes and because the environment they are used in contains diverse and sometimes unpredictable obstacles, there are three different types of mountain bikes that will help you overcome them safely and enhance your performance.

Cross country mountain bikes are built for pedalling performance, especially against those spirit-crushing hill climbs. A trail bike is a great all-rounder that comes with more suspension and chunkier tires for better stability and traction. Finally, you’ve got the enduro bikes that have a geometry that favours downhill descents and are commonly used during races.

Thanks to modern technology, most mountain bike brands have been developing a new type in the form of the electric bike, or e-mtb. They use rechargeable batteries to power electronic drive units that assist riders anywhere from adjusting power to the wheels, to changing gears without taking your hands off the pedals.

Features Of All Modern Mountain Bikes

Compared to road bikes, mountain bikes have an almost overwhelming amount of features, and it can be difficult to pin down which are the most important ones. The majority of mountain bike brands focus their attention on suspension which is the system connected to both wheels that absorbs impact, improving traction and overall comfort. The variety of suspensions you will find are full, dual, and single-pivot suspension.

Another major feature that you’ll come across is the drivetrain. This is a term that compiles a large group of features under one term and is essentially the engine of a mountain bike. A drivetrain includes the crankset, chain, and brakes among many others. Mountain bike brands will often advertise the drivetrain as one whole system.

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