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The 18 Best Sex Toys For Men That Will Blow Your Mind

Men's sex toys have come a long way.

It’s widely accepted that women keep the odd sex toy hidden away somewhere to help them out when they are alone or trying something different with their partner. The idea of a men with a sex aid for masturbation has always been a little taboo for men, however, with most blokes keen to do the job themselves.

But the truth is a little help when masturbating only serves to heighten your orgasm. These days there are a ton of well designed, discreet products that double the sensory experience – with a lot less effort!

The men’s sex toy market is big business these days, with a huge choice of well-designed masturbators and strokers available, as well as anal and prostate vibrators should you want to try out something new that has tickled your fancy for a while.

Here we have hand-picked some of the best brands and online retailers that create and distribute the most cutting-edge sex toys for men on the market today. You can even find out how to use products safely and effectively if you’re new to the game.

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