18 Best Smart Casual Dress Shoes For Men

These smart casual dress shoes will elevate your entire wardrobe...

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For guys, there are two common situations that require a specific dress code: casual and formal. The former does well with t-shirts, jeans, chinos and the like, while the latter requires a suit, a tuxedo, a dress shirt, and some appropriate dress shoes.

But there comes a time when an outfit that blurs the lines between the two is your best bet: smart casual. ‘What does smart casual mean?’ is a question posed by many a man, with the answer being an outfit that is neat, clean, and conventional, yet relatively informal in style.

Whenever you’re dressing for a wedding or an office party, for example, smart casual outfits are an ideal go-to.

But while clothing may be easy to define, you’ve still got to think about your footwear choice. You don’t need to dig out your very best pair of leather Oxfords if you’re just teaming them with jeans, and neither do you want to wear a sharp blazer, shirt, and chino ensemble with a pair of bright white sneakers.

No. What you need is a pair of smart casual dress shoes. This very specific footwear category is pretty simple to master when you put some thought into it. You can take a pair of brogues, for example, but instead of choosing a fine brown calf leather, you would simply choose suede instead, and perhaps in a slightly less-common colour such as blue or grey.

Certain boot styles can be considered smart casual too, or you can even turn to loafers and moccasins, as they’re incredibly versatile.

It could very well be a shoe you’ve not given much thought to before, but get it right and your outfits will be upgraded to unrivalled heights.

Smart Casual Shoe FAQs

Can I wear sneakers to smart casual events?

Yes, you can wear sneakers to smart casual events, but they can't be just any old pair. You can wear minimalist sneakers in a dark colour such as black or navy, and you should also make sure they are leather, as opposed to canvas.

What is the difference between smart casual dress shoes and business casual shoes?

Not a huge amount separates smart casual and business casual. The two are essentially the same, however business casual commonly means anything worn to the office, while smart casual refers to everything worn outside of the office.

Business casual shoes will be more like brogues and oxfords, while smart casual dress shoes can include some sneakers.

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