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20 Best Snowboards To Ride In 2023

Improve your riding and look the business on the slopes with these top-quality snowboard brands.

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Having a quality snowboard to tackle the slopes with is essential for the snow season and as such, having one of the best snowboard brands strapped to your feet will do. With so many great styles of snowboard, all fused with the latest technology, it’s clear snowboarding has come a long way since the mid-sixties, when the ‘father of snowboarding’ Sherman Poppen bolted two skis together.

But with so many different types of snowboards, it’s hard to find the perfect one for you. When purchasing a snowboard, there are so many things to consider as the perfect snowboard for you relies on the shape, length, width, skill level, and snow condition.

While you want it to be tough when riding along even the most unforgiving terrain, you always want your snowboard to feel poppy and responsive. You also want to ensure it has a sufficient surface area and is excellent for turn initiation as you want to ride with ultimate precision.

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Finding the best snowboard for you can be a daunting task. However, to help you with this process, we’ve rounded up the best snowboard brands that are redefining the industry with their innovative designs. Make sure you check out each brand, as these snowboards are performance-enhancing and will make you feel super powerful as you shred through powder.