Best Trail Running Shoes For Venturing Off The Beaten Track

For outdoor running enthusiasts, you are presented with two main options: road running, or trail running. The former is undeniably more convenient, as chances are, more of us are going to live closer to a road upon which to stretch our legs in the morning or evening than a long forest trail.

But for all its lack of convenience, trail running offers myriad benefits. Firstly, the surface, while littered with more obstacles than a road, is softer underfoot compared to hard and tough asphalt. This means you’re less likely to put any serious strain on your muscles and joints (at least, when compared to road running). But, because of the aforementioned obstacles, your reactions and reflexes will sharpen up and you’ll slowly but surely build up your core strength – as well as the muscles in your legs – as you seek to remain more stable on your feet.

Of course, your trail running experience can be dramatically improved with the right pair of shoes. Trail running shoes are very specific in their build and purpose to help you over various terrains, rocking much tougher soles than their road running counterpart.

Other areas of the trail running shoes will also be beefed up in the name of endurance, to help with stability when your feet aren’t necessarily moving in a regular forward motion (you could find yourself dancing from side to side or hopping over rocks), and reinforcement to protect against any sharp sticks or rocks from penetrating the shoe surface.

While the majority of trail running shoes will sport these features, some may also gain waterproof protection from the likes of Gore-Tex or a manufacturer’s own waterproof technology. If you live in an area frequented by rainfall, or you plan to go trail running no matter the weather, this will prove to be an invaluable feature.

As with any running shoe, the specifics of each model offered by manufacturers may or may not be beneficial to your particular running style and gait. You may benefit from extra cushioning while someone else may prefer a more neutral base but needs extra stability to prevent over-pronation.

Naturally, you’ll also want your trail running shoes to look the part. Obviously, performance is vital, but when you can be the best looking guy on the trail, you should take the opportunity. We’ve, therefore, picked out some of the best and most stylish trail running shoes for men to buy right now to get you moving off the beaten track.

Best Trail Running Shoes FAQ

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