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20 Best Trucker Jackets For The Americana Man

Be better than the grease monkey.

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Schwarzenegger once famously entered a roadside diner and demanded a man’s clothes, boots, and motorcycle. He wasn’t trying to save the world. He was just after the man’s trucker jacket.

As a staple piece in every modern luxury label today, we’re giving you some insight into the origins of the trucker jacket, what makes a good one, and who’s doing it right in the current menswear scene.

History of the trucker jacket

Partly a piece of Americana, partly utility wear, the trucker jacket has evolved from gritty working-class outerwear to an insider high-street staple. The origins of the trucker are hotly contested; although most armchair historians will tell you Levi’s started the party. Flash forward to today, and the trucker jacket is an iconic piece of American outerwear that every man should own.

Trucker Jacket FAQs


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