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25 Best Men’s Water Shoes For Keeping Your Feet Safe

25 Best Men’s Water Shoes For Keeping Your Feet Safe

For whatever reason, humans are like fish out of water; dying to hop into a pool, the ocean, a river, etc., especially in the warmer months. Not to mention the countless amount of water activities humans have invented over the years: sailing, water-skiing, diving, surfing, kayaking… you get the idea.

While most of us regularly participate in these activities, not many of us own a pair of water shoes; we tend to go barefoot or wear sneakers. But this is a grave mistake! You wouldn’t expect an ice skater to compete without skates, and you wouldn’t go for a run without cushioned and supportive sneakers. We should all own a pair of water shoes to protect us from injury.

Why Water Shoes Are An Essential

Water shoes provide protection not only to your entire foot but to YOU as well. Your soles will be protected from hot surfaces and sharp objects, your toes will be protected from stubbing, and with treads and rubber outsoles designed for grip on slippery surfaces, you’re less likely to slip and potentially badly injure yourself.

Plus, unlike regular footwear, water shoes are lightweight, drain water out, and are quick-drying, meaning you won’t feel weighed down while submerged, and you won’t feel uncomfortable or develop blisters while on land. Finally, water shoes are breathable and insulated, and will keep your feet cool in warmer weather, and will keep your feet warm (and will help regulate body temperature) if you’re going in cold water.

Different Styles of Water Shoes

If you’re a water-lover and you need a pair of water shoes, but you’re not sure what to look for in a water shoe; we’ve got you covered. There are a few different styles and types of water shoes so it does depend on what you’re planning to do. If you’re surfing or swimming in deep waters, go for a slip-on traditional water shoe, if you’re hiking near rivers and may swim during the hike, you’ll need a hybrid water shoe (which looks like a sneaker), if you’re just spending the day at the beach or poolside, a sandal style of water shoe will be best, or if you’re on a boat, most of the shoes below will work for you so go for whatever style appeals to you.

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If you still need help choosing a water shoe, we’ve curated the best brands and styles of water shoes available. We’ve featured a wide variety of water shoes, that are all high-quality and durable, so no matter what water-based activity you need water shoes for, you’ll find the best water shoes for men below!