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27 Best Swim Shorts & Swimwear Brands For Men

The men's swim shorts to buy this season

27 Best Swim Shorts & Swimwear Brands For Men


If you’re reading this then we suspect that summer will be arriving soon (or has already arrived) wherever you live and you want to know how you can make yourself look better on the beach if that summer body just didn’t quite happen this year.

You don’t need a six-pack to attract attention on the sand (besides, dad bods are still very much in) as a perfectly styled pair of men’s swim shorts can work wonders for you and will have other beachgoers subtly checking you out from behind their sunglasses. We’re not talking about boardshorts here, but rather more tailored options that will be able to comfortably transition from seaside or poolside and straight to the hotel bar without looking out of place.

What We’re Looking For

When we curate these lists, it’s important for you to understand exactly what we’re looking for so that you can assess whether our favourite pairs are right for you or whether something else might be the fit call for your sense of style and self. Here’s what we consider:

  • Fit: First and foremost, your swimmers need to fit you to flatter you. We’re average-sized guys here at DMARGE — all 6ft-ish and slim-ish too — so we can speak to how these things fit on a middle-of-the-road body type. If you’re a larger guy, check out our separate guide.
  • Price Point: Everyone has different amounts of cash to hand. That’s why we pick brands and garments from across the pricing spectrum so that whether you’re a luxury lover or feeling frugal there’s something for everyone.
  • Purpose: This one’s a big one for swimmers. Are you after shorts that look good while you’re sipping a poolside cocktail or shorts that perform under pressure? Here, we cover both but if you’re a hardcore watersports type I’d recommend our separate boardshorts guide.
  • Sustainability: Brands like Outerknown and Patagonia are the eco warrior’s retailers of choice, but how do other brands compare?
  • Flash Factor: With silly season just coming into bloom, it’s important that your swimmers look the part. That’s why we’ve included low-key options and bolder patterned pairs to match your vibe, whatever that may be.
  • Stretch: Whether you’re sunbathing or surfing, your shorts need to move with you. Nothing worse than feeling a little constricted…
  • Anti-Chafe: Wet swimmers and sizable quads can only mean one thing: caffing. But does it have to? As tech improves, swimmers are becoming less chaffing than ever. Comfort is key, and so this is a central consideration.
  • Pockets: Got things to carry? We’ve got you covered. Don’t sacrifice your daily carry for the sake of your swimmers. Wallets, keys, watches and the rest can all come along…

Why Trust Us

Our founder here at DMARGE, Luc Weisman, has over a decade of experience in buying, trying, and reviewing the best that the men’s fashion world has to offer. On top of this, he’s a longtime Sydneysider with plenty of experience in and around the water.

Finlay Mead, on the other hand, cut his teeth in the fashion industry before working at DMARGE, so knows a thing or two about what you should be looking out for.

On top of this, we’re a team of equally keen swimmers and fashionistas — we’ve even got surfers in the mix too — who regularly consult with industry insiders like Jeff Lack, so we know exactly what to look out for when surveying the market for the best pairs of swimmers out there.