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Best Men's Work Boots To Withstand The Daily Grind

Men aren’t exactly left wanting when it comes to options for boots. You’ve got dress boots, Chelsea boots, chukka boots and even hiking boots, all of which have their own unique look and specific purpose. But, just to throw another option into the mix, there are even work boots for men. Work boots, by their very name, are designed to be worn to work. Typically, they’ll be far sturdier than some of their dressy cousins, being made from more durable materials and having reinforced areas around the toe especially, to protect your feet from debris, bumps and just about anything else from landing on them.

However, such is their necessary nature, some brands have taken the traditional work boot aesthetic – the type you see tradies and guys who work on building sites wearing, and usually covered in cement, paint and dirt – and turned them into something that can be worn everyday as a casual pair of boots, paired with a variety of outfits. If you’re not quite following what we mean, just think of Timberland. Technically yes, they’re what are known as desert boots, but they also comfortably fit into the work boot category, yet how many pairs do you see on site? We reckon the answer is zero.

But, because they are still work boots by definition, you can wear them on a building site if you so wish, and reap the full benefits of their build and protection. Admittedly, they’re not going to work with a suit at your cousin’s formal cocktail party, but work boots can easily be worn with jeans and a t-shirt or casual button-down for a casual off-duty weekend look.

But which brands are making the best work boots for men right now? Allow us to reveal all, with this compressive guide, revealing the very best brands you need to know.

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