James Bond Weapons: 007 Switches Pistol For Spear In No Time To Die

Lock and load.

James Bond Weapons: 007 Switches Pistol For Spear In No Time To Die

James Bond has disarmed his enemies with everything from his smile to a Walther PPK handgun. However, recent ‘on set’ footage of the filming of Bond 25 — from the official 007 website — suggests that he might have to make do with some unconventional equipment this time around.

10 seconds into the clip, Daniel Craig stares into the window of a Jamaican-Venetian blind, carrying what fans on the 007 Instagram page are calling either a rope gun or a spear gun.

To confirm, we asked Johnny Nguyen, assistant manager at Adreno — a Sydney based spearfishing and snorkelling store — what he thought.

“It does seem to be a speargun as we can visually see the rubbers loaded on the gun,” he told us.

“Looks like a wooden one.”

Of course: this is not the first time Bond has used whatever projectile is close to hand — he is the master of improvisation after all — but the unconventional equipment does go to show the new ‘Rum Diary’ kind of vibe Bond 25, much of which is set in Jamaica (ok it’s not quite Hunter S. Thompson’s Puerto Rico), has absorbed from its surroundings.

The clip then goes on to show some more behind the scenes footage, confirming the sequel to Spectre will include Jeffrey Wright’s Felix Leiter — the CIA agent who stakes Bond in Casino Royale — after sitting out Skyfall and Spectre.

There is no official word on whether Christoph Waltz will return as Blofeld, but, as Forbes point out, “it has been speculated that Rami Malek’s arch villain is just Blofeld with a new face.”

And of course, though she does not appear in the video, Spectre’s Léa Seydoux will be returning as Bond’s apparent “long term commitment,” (Forbes).

Fans have also speculated that Bond may have been drawn back to Jamaica by an old foe, though this seems to be wishful thinking more than anything.

“I’m telling you, guys. There’s only one villain who would cause 007 to arrive in Jamaica. Dr. No.”

Lastly, in terms of what this latest clip reveals about the upcoming movie, one commenter’s observation of “Casino Royale fusion with QoS vibes” doesn’t seem too far off the mark.

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