Bondi 'COVID Gym' Exposes Sydney's Relaxed Attitude Toward Virus Restrictions

When your curves are still not flat post COVID...

Sydney – but especially Bondi – gets a tough wrap. Between making international news for defying distancing rules (to sunbathe, no less) and making headlines for selling houses at boom prices while much of the rest of the country’s market declined, it’s easy to be jealous of the Eastern Suburbs residents’ easy-going lives.

But despite the scrutiny around their every action, Bondi locals appear unphased about being called out by the press, and have continued to display their trademark joie de vivre.

Case in point: this morning’s usage of a COVID testing station to do personal training.


In the clip, taken this morning by DMARGE, two women can be seen doing single-leg bridges under the watchful eye of a personal trainer, sheltering from the rain in a COVID testing station.

There is also a security guard sitting on his phone, at the back, either oblivious or kindly allowing the Activewear Brigade to continue exercising out of the rain.

The video was taken around 7:40am, and DMARGE understands the testing booth is open from 9am to 4pm daily.

Rule breaking or not: it doesn’t get much more Bondi than this.

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