Bradley Cooper Casually Rocked A $30,000 Watch With $20 Flip Flops

Typical dad things.

Bradley Cooper Casually Rocked A $30,000 Watch With $20 Flip Flops

There’s setting the bar high…then there’s setting the bar to untouchable status. Welcome to Bradley Cooper‘s ultimate dad style.

Bradley Cooper IWC

The 44-year-old Hangover actor was spotted over the weekend in Los Angeles with his wife Irina Shayk and young daughter Lea looking like a bonafide family man who wouldn’t look out of place at your local home depot store. He had the NFL team cap (Philly Eagles), the varsity sweater in mandatory grey marle, cargo pants (bet you didn’t know they still made those), aviator sunglasses and grey flip flops (likely the finest offering from Havianas). In other words he proudly looked just like every other awesome dad in the world…almost.

Save for the fact that he was jumping into a slick black Mercedes-Benz G Wagen, Cooper also paired his epic dadcore look with an IWC Big Pilot’s Watch Limited Edition IW501007 which retails in the region of AU$30,000 for a used one. That’s serious wrist candy you wouldn’t want near any kid who could potentially projectile vomit on you at any time. But hey, each cool dad to their own.

The IWC timepiece has been seen on Cooper before, most recently spotted at the press conference for A Star is Born in a more fitting attire consisting of a blazer and collared shirt. We guess you can’t argue against daily wearability.

Your move, average dad.

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