Calls For Gold Coast Airport To Stop Selling Beer

When mum's had one too many wines...

Calls For Gold Coast Airport To Stop Selling Beer

After a woman was kicked off a Jetstar flight for being disorderly, some social media users are calling for Aussie airports to stop selling beer.

Passengers recently celebrated a Lennox Heads woman getting kicked off a Jetstar flight bound for Melbourne (from the Gold Coast) for allegedly being drunk and disorderly. Some even sang an impromptu rendition of Steam’s 1969 hit “Na Na Hey Hey (Kiss Him Goodbye)“ as police removed her from the plane.

The woman has been hit with a disorderly conduct charge and footage from the dregs of the Internet shows her getting escorted off the flight by five cops.

WATCH: passengers sing as five police escort woman off Jetstar flight

She has been subject to many online comedians calling her a drunk Karen and one passenger in the video says “come on, mum, get off.”

Jetstar said of the incident: “We requested the assistance of the Australian Federal Police after a passenger became increasingly disruptive prior to departure and refused to follow crew instructions.”

“The safety of our customers and crew is our number one priority and we have zero tolerance for disruptive behaviour.”

If convicted with the charge of acting “in an offensive or disorderly manner on an aircraft” the 42-year-old could get stung with a maximum fine of $13,750.

On one TikTok video of the incident, the clip sparked some social media users to call for beer to be banned from airports. One user, William Hayes, wrote: “simply don’t sell beer at airport.”

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Others pointed out the difference in how Australians react to disorderly passengers compared to Americans.

One wrote: “In USA same thing they threaten to sue and get annoyed in Australia we laugh and sing … Aussie Aussie Aussie oi oi oi.”

Yet another said: “The song made me proud to b Aussie.”

Further TikTok users were not to be outdone, weighing in with remarks like: “This is so Aussie hahahahahahahahaha the song at the end” and “Just another day with Jetstar.”

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