Star Quarterback Cam Newton Is The Style Icon The NFL Needs

If there's one NFL player you should dress like, it's Cam Newton.

Star Quarterback Cam Newton Is The Style Icon The NFL Needs

New England Patriots quarterback Cam Newton isn’t just a contender for the NFL’s most fashionable man, but he’s also a contender for one of the fittest.

The 32-year-old is known for his intense dedication to fitness – his athletic prowess made even more impressive by the fact that he’s also a staunch vegan. He’s also known for his iconoclastic social media presence (where he decides to type everything in Wingdings-like text). But more impressive and distinctive than either of those elements of his character is his rather unique dress sense.

A fan of big hats and lavish blazers, ‘Super Cam’ cuts a figure quite unlike anyone else in American professional sports. His latest outfit, however, is a bit of a deviation from the norm – and one that shows off just how vascular he really is.

Over the weekend, Newton shared a monochromatic photo of his latest, most summery fit yet. Wearing a simple cotton t-shirt and shorts, Newton added some flair with one of his trademark Meshika hats, a gold Patek Philippe Nautilus, a carpetbag from Artemis Design Co. and a pair of Dr Martens boots.

Shorts and lace-up boots are a bit of a wild look, but what’s even wilder is his legs. Look at those pins! Newton’s clearly quite proud of them, as evidenced by the post’s caption: “dear kids, never skip leg day”.

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Despite having somewhat of a rocky start at the Pats – having been brought in to fill the void Tom Brady’s departure from the team left – Newtown’s had his contract with the East Coast team extended for another year.

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