Conor McGregor Gives A Lesson In How To Dress For A Court Sentencing

Supreme court fashion killa.

Conor McGregor Gives A Lesson In How To Dress For A Court Sentencing

The day of reckoning finally arrived for Conor McGregor yesterday when he landed in New York to face justice for his assault on a bus full of UFC fighters back in April.

Whilst the charge could see the UFC fighter spending up to seven years in jail, it’s likely that a deal will be struck to keep the modern world’s most recognised fighter from spending any time behind bars. Which brings us to the Irishman’s choice of fashion for a court hearing – ridiculously fly to say the least.

When attending a serious matter which involves criminal charges, McGregor shows that it’s still prudent to dress well but with a clear distinction to his usual wardrobe choices – drop the flashiness for restrained class.

McGregor took to his usual staple of David August suits which have made a name for themselves in the past (see: ‘F*** You’ suit) but this one was different in that the colours were much more conservative. A muted charcoal windowpane pattern was employed on the suit which was further paired with a blue and copper diagonal striped tie. The only additional details on the suit was a boutonniere flower on the lapel in a light grey hue and a checked pocket square.

Eagle eyes will also notice that McGregor skipped one of the most signature accessories of a prized fighter: a gold or diamond studded timepiece. Whilst flashy watches go hand in hand with $100 million paychecks, at a court hearing you just do not need that kind of snarky attention.

You could almost say that Conor McGregor was dressing more for the corporate world on this rare occasion. Topped off with a pair of tan brown lace-ups and the whole looks is clean, fitted and most importantly, reserved. In other words, exactly how you’d want the judge to perceive you.

When McGregor stepped out of the courtroom after a reported 45 second hearing, he said to the media:

“I regret my actions that led me here today. I understand the seriousness of this matter and I’m hopeful to get it resolved soon.”

Will this be the last time we see McGregor in a slick corporate-style suit? Let’s hope so. If not at least he’s got the dress code nailed.

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