Heartwarming Conor McGregor Fan Moment All Celebrities Should Learn From

Fight hard. Stay humble.

Heartwarming Conor McGregor Fan Moment All Celebrities Should Learn From

If you’re someone who isn’t all too familiar with mixed martial arts and the UFC, chances are you’ll likely have a preconceived opinion about the guys and girls that take part: namely, they’re brutes who will knock you out if you so much as glance in their general direction.

However, given the sport’s global popularity and the high-profile names it has produced, those involved have found themselves with reputations to uphold, not only to keep themselves on the right side of the public eye, but as ambassadors of the sport. And there is no name bigger in UFC than Conor McGregor.

The Irish MMA fighter may not actually be the most successful ever, with rivals such as Khabib Nurmagomedov and Jon Jones recording greater winning records, but such is Conor’s outlandish, outspoken and extravagant personality, he is widely credited with playing a vital part in UFC’s success. But, while he may regularly post images of said extravagant lifestyle on his Instagram account – along with the occasional piece of helpful workout advice – we rarely see Conor engaging with his fans.

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That has changed with his most recent upload. In a side we rarely see of ‘The Notorious’, Conor posted an image of himself with two fans, looking more stoked to be there than they were. He can also once again be seen sporting some incredibly short shorts, the likes of which he’s rocked before, perhaps in a bid to become a trendsetter (or maybe he just forever dreams of spending his days in Ibiza). He also appears to have undertaken a serious grooming regime, following 2020’s rather unkempt look.

The image attracted its fair share of comments, including “this side of Conor people didn’t wanna see.”

Others weren’t convinced this wholesome moment was proof of Conor’s character. “What are you talking about?” one wrote. “Conor isn’t a good person lol. I’m still a fan though.”

Another commented, sarcastically, “Wow, he took a picture. Incredible.”

There were also other comments, such as, “Bro why is there soo much distance between him and the guy and not the girl”. We imagine this is more down to the girl leaning in than Conor choosing sides.

In any case, the picture highlights the rarity of celebrities meeting their fans and actually being happy about it. International playboy Dan Bilzerian showed off a rare side of his in 2020 when he posted some images of himself with fans, only popping a slight smile, however.

Further compare Conor’s beaming smile with that of some other celebrities who are known for being miserable sods (sometimes even making them cry), and Conor’s moment becomes even more heartwarming.

It’s a huge deal for fans to meet their idols, and all they ask for is a few seconds of their time for a photo. Conor’s wholesome photo could be seen as inspiration for the wider celebrity community.

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