How To Do The Perfect Pull-Up

It's all in the elbow.

How To Do The Perfect Pull-Up

Former UFC Champion but the undeniable star of the series Conor McGregor, appears to be using the quarantine period we’re currently facing to pass on his stellar fitness knowhow to us average Joe’s. The Irish MMA fighter certainly knows a thing or two when it comes to keeping the body in peak physical condition and his latest Instagram post proves he’s just as much an adept coach, as is he is an in-ring fighter.

It revolves around the common pull-up, one of the best and most effective upper body strength exercises anyone can do. But it’s for those same reasons that it can be difficult to master, because if you have no, or very minimal, upper body strength, you’re going to struggle to pull yourself up to the bar.

A dishevelled looking Conor breaks it down by clearly identifying the three main types: wide-grip, inside lat grip and bicep grip. The latter is often regarded as being the easiest to carry out, but as Conor says, “whichever one you do the most is going to be easiest”.

However, it’s the latter bicep grip move he focuses on in his video, with some top tips you should remember next time you’re facing the chin-up bar. Firstly, you want to make sure your arms are straight before you pull yourself up.

Once you begin the movement, Conor says you should bring your elbows inwards so that they’re facing each other. Not only does this slow the movement down, putting more strain on the muscles (and subsequently a greater chance of gains), but it helps to work the inner portion of your chest.

He explains that the benefits of this when fighting will mean that even if someone manages to get a jab through your defence stance, your chest will be so solid it will feel like “hitting a brick wall” for the opponent.

It’s a small and simple change to the technique you might already be using, but one that will bring huge benefits. Be sure to try it next time you find yourself with a pull-up bar.

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